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  1. ok first of let me just start this by saying that this is by far my favorite server. Now with that being said, i feel there is a major flaw in the early going of this server. For me and a fellow i just met the tutorial is a LOT of information to take in early on, especially if you're a younger player. I met a guy while playing tonight who was bran spanking new to pc gaming as a whole. We had a skype conversation and i helped him through the basics and even as i type this he;s out building things on his new residence. the reason im even typing about this story is a similar thing happened to me. i was fortunate enough to have a buddy explain everything to me when i first started playing because to me, the new friend i just made, and im sure alot of new players the tutorial can seem overwhelming. So i thought about it and i may have come up with a solution to the problem. what if there was an option to have someone just take a few minutes of their time to explain how to play in this new and exciting server? i understand not all players would want or even need it which is why i think itd just be a nice option. i understand that the staff and admins have plenty on their plates so what if it was a new class of staff? they would be server greeters in a sense. I'm sure some players would find that helpful, heck id even be the first one to say id gladly volunteer to help a fellow player out in the early goings. I apologize for the spelling mistakes im sure i made while typing this i hope i didnt make too many. thanks for taking the time to read this, Happy Mining!!!!!
  2. I could not agree more. Although the new tutorial looks nothing less than great, I do not think it works that well as far as knowledge intake goes. I think that players should learn as they play (I made a suggestion of an extended tutorial and stuff earlier) so they take in pieces of information whenever they encounter new things.
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  3. im glad im not the only one who thinks so thank you so much for your input! :)
  4. A bringing of the interactive tutorial back, with possible a selection on what you want to learn. So you may head back to the tutorial when you're about to do whatever it is you wish. So lets say you first join, you do the few very starter things and head back to the main tutorial teleportation selector, and just run into the Town one. After a while you hit a bump that's like, what do I do? Well, you'd just go back to /tutorial and enter the tutorial teleport that assists you with whatever issue it is
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  5. Let's be honest. How many new players actually consult the tutorial when they are confused?
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  6. thats a very nice idea master! that may work even better thank you for responding and thanks for your time :)
  7. skydragon you have a point as well. We need to stop consider all players as the same. im not saying we are, but i am saying that there are a several different kinds of players. some want to jump right in head first while others may dip a toe in. NOTHING is wrong with either types i just think there should be options available that suit every players style, Happy Mining :)
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  8. There is a lot of truth to this, and though it was horrible, the old tutorial was probably better for new players. It had a lot of simplicity to it and there wasn't as much information being relayed to the new players, and above all, it was easier to pay attention to.
    The new tutorial is a great way to get information, but for new players, taking all of this information in all at one time doesn't really seem like a good strategy.
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  9. wow everybody! i really didnt think this would get a second look, thank you all for your input:D Happy Mining:)
  10. The teleporter option gives everyone a chance of what they desire though, if they wanna dive straight in it lets them. For those who do consult or wanna do extreme "book-work" the first day, it lets them =P
  11. If a player needs help and I am online feel free to send them to me ;) I'm glad to help anyone who needs extra assistance
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  12. The current tutorial is mainly about making new players read and not actually practice what information is provided. When I joined we had to use the very rudimental wiki pages at the time to answer questions through a set of maze and I can assure you, when you came out of the tutorial you knew stuff.
    Now its all about having a beautiful tutorial but not really about making players actually learn what they will need to know early on, from claiming a res which back then you could choose your first res now its just automatically assigned to you and can't unclaim for 1 hr to go near your friend that just joined a few moments ago with you.

    I have never like the new tutorial but hey my voice is only 1 of few apparently. Sure the new one has more players actually completing the tutorial but that doesn't mean that those new players will stay as they then get frustrated about not understanding the commands. I would rather go back to the old tutorial where you actually had to actually use your head to get through it, and not just answer questions that all have the same answers.

    Just my 2 cents

    EDIT: on a side note I do try and help new players when I can and am in the mood as it seems to always be the same questions that need asnwering.
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  13. Ah the good old days...
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  14. Keep up the good input guys! Happy Mining!!!!
  15. People read the tutorial? First time I joined I just ran through got the rewards and started playing, I did have problems on the way but i figured it out on my own (Mostly).
  16. +infinity
  17. I love the concept, but not the implementation. If this were to become a feature, I'd sign up for it without hesitation, but it's not needed in my opinion. The people who will sign up for this are (most likely) perfectly willing to help out a new player if they ask. A title isn't really needed. Second, some "helpers" may only be available for a moment or two after a new player is assigned to them, leaving the new player hanging.

    One (unfortunate) downfall to this is who would sign up. While I'm sure a lot of people would love to help out, there'd need to be a selection process for new helpers. Giving anyone the ability to be a helper would wreck the system.

    If a player asks for help, players jump for the opportunity to help. You haven't been here long, deadmon, but (as you may have already found out) the community is amazing here. :)
  18. When I started I loved getting all the instruction upfront. I don't mind reading it at all. I really appreciated it. I also really appreciated that they require new players to confirm that they have read and accept the rules of the server. That is fantastic and I'm sure comes in handy when someone breaks a rule. People are very helpful but if you don't know what questions to ask you don't ask any.
  19. yes it is! an you make a VERY valid point. there should def be a application process. and i agree it would be hard to have a shift-type schedule. Happy Mining!!!!