a new way to the End

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  1. Hey Guys i have been thinking for a while and wanted to share this idea but what if people were able to build a End Portal? i have been at my base for ages and dont like going to close to spawn so what if people could get End Portal frames and build a End portal. Now before any of you complain i know there are some ups and downs but i just wanted to say my idea thank you for reading
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  2. Part of the difficulty of the End is finding the portal. I vote no, but I can see the pros for it. I just think that it should be kept the difficulty it is at.
  3. Theres actually no use to go to the End anymore. But this idea is actually cool
  4. Um... not quite getting what you mean there. The End has endstone, and most importantly enderman grinders.
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  5. But theres no dragon or egg. . .
  6. Yet my point stands. The End is not just for the Dragon, you know...
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  7. you are so correct and i could care less about the dragon or endstone i want le grinders
  8. Interesting. I vote yes.
  9. I don't really see much of a good idea. To me, this only seems like a good idea to people who are too lazy to travel 3,000 blocks out. It would require some major gameplay changes, as well as being able to obtain items that normally aren't able to be obtained legitimately. There's also griefing problems that can occur. End portal blocks were made indestructible, so if people could get them in some way, they could use it to place ugly blocks everywhere that can't be removed later.

    Unfortunately, I'll have to say -1. I just personally can't see any good or benefits in this idea at all.
  10. I think the best possible implication of this would be to go to /end. No need for end portals. There.
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  11. If someway we could destroy them
  12. Or we could make an End Waste (with no dragons)
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  13. We definitely don't need an end waste, there is plenty of end stone to go around. But if we just had /end like /nether and /wild it would not be an issue.
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  14. This ties into the reason why there's no Live Map of the End. People make grinders there, and if anybody was just able to come along and do what they want when they want, there would be griefers.
  15. so your saying i'm to lazy to walk 8,000 blocks to the end portal?
  16. I agree, but if a griever wants to grief they will find a way... it's not that difficult to find end grinders
  17. he never said that he said that people may be to lazy to, he just simply stated a reason why it may not be a good idea.
  18. I have a nether portal leading to my stronghold on Smp2 that's 150 blocks away from spawn. Want me to show you how to get there?
  19. ok ok so what i'm basically saying is all i want is a easy way to get from my base to the end portal which they are about 8k blocks from