A new way to prevent PvP logging.

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  1. Hello EMC,
    I have gotten an idea that completely stops players from logging in the PvP arenas. The way it works is if you are hit you can not teleport out for 10 seconds, because that is when most players teleport out which is when they are getting hit repeatedly. I really hope to see this idea come into play so please leave your thoughts.

    Thank You,
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  2. Also forgot to mention on how big of a problem logging in the arena has become and for those of you that don't know what logging is it is people teleporting out of the arena to restore their health then getting back in with full health.
  3. -1

    You should NEVER be locked in PvP. Trolls and such are the problems here. Players could just keep punching you, preventing you from getting out. The extended timer works well enough now.
  4. When you bring that stuff up players then get the idea to do that when they hear about it.
  5. Yeah. They would do that if this suggestion was added. Which is why it shouldn't be.
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