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  1. Hi, guys. Hopefully you have been doing well. Lately, in the PvP Arenas we have been getting a lot of PvP logging. This is getting extremely frustrating. I'm not going to name specifics but its the same people, they just do it over and over. It is very annoying when you are about to kill someone and they just /pvp or /spawn. There is one alternate of disconnecting which is rare but can still be avoided. I propose that there should be a timer of anywhere from 3-10 seconds that you must wait. You cannot be in combat. This means you can't lose health nor can you attack someone during that time. After that time you can use normal commands again to teleport. And as for just disconnecting make it bannable. Unfortunately, this means more work for staff members, however, it is necessary to the integrity of the server. PvP logging is illegal on almost all servers, it's time we take part in this.

    Please leave your feedback below.
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  2. I believe the "punishment" for PvP logging is 1 minute, but it definitely wouldn't hurt to increase it a bit, to around three minutes. However, say you're just switching arenas - a timer would definitely help that.

    /v pvp will give a message such as: Teleporting in 5 seconds. To teleport immediately, repeat that command.

    If that command was repeated within a minute, it'd teleport you out with a three minute wait time. However, any time past a minute the command would 'reset.'

    Forcing people to stay would be a bad idea. Trolling and stuff.

    As for PvP logging being bannable... I don't see why it should be. There's many things that could come up that require a disconnect - banning people is a bad idea for something that small.
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  3. I totally agree with this Like up below. I've come across many and i mean many pvp loggers and i just wish there should be a timer. so i agree with teh chocolate
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  4. Say you have to leave to go do something. You would stop in-battle and say it before you leave. If you lag out, time out, etc. in logs you can see whether that was an intentional disconnect or not, I believe. You don't have to ban people. You can temporarily take their move flag away. That again, is tedious, hence why waiting 3-10 seconds outside of combat is the more ideal way to go.

    No one would pvp log just to switch arenas. People PvP log to avoid dieing, which I frankly don't understand since you don't lose items, regardless.
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  5. There is absolutely no way we would even consider banning a user based on their actions in PvP.

    However, one thing we could do is make exiting the PvP arena automatically kill you based on the last player to hit you if within 15 seconds of being hit, so if someone tries to abuse the mechanic, they actually hurt themselves.

    There is already the penalty timer in place that blocks you from re-entering for 1 minute if you leave.
  6. Totally Agree
  7. I figured I'd mention this here but please to delete/remove it if you don't want people abusing it:

    -removed by penguin-
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  8. >_> you're suppose to report stuff like this to me by PM soon as its identified.
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  9. Consider making that also being 15 seconds of not hitting someone else. You could just wait that time out, attack someone and leave if that is not done.

    EDIT: Since Penguin posted that bug there is another one. Drowning yourself does not reset the timer to enter PvP arenas. Not sure if the bug still exists, however.
  10. Drowning I dont see as an issue to resolve as your not escaping another player. Basically every time you attack or get attacked a timestamp gets logged onto your character.

    So it will also count you attacking too already as part of the code.
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  11. Which was only a few days ago, and I learned it from another player. Blame them. :p
  12. Few days late then! :p
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  13. i dont think pvp logging should be punished, i dont do it cause if i die its usually to pearls, but if a player does not want you to get the kill then so what? they arent hurting you anymore and they have to wait to come back in anyways.

    this is one of those instances where i think pvp etiquette is being enforced in code. pvp logging is rude sure, but it isnt game breaking, it isnt harming you or your gear, and it affects you in a miniscule manner on the one server it is on.

    theres a few reasons i can see this being unliked when implemented due to the new headdrop mechanics
  14. After reading the feedback, I realize I was a bit more biased than I had hoped to when saying it should be bannable. I now feel that the punishment is too harsh. However, we should still consider implementing the 3-10 second timer, that prevents teleport commands, so it stops most PvP logging.
  15. I believe many servers have it so if they disconnect from the server while in PvP they die upon reconnecting. I know that on EMC when you disconnect while in PvP you just get sent back to /pvp. I like that but if other agreed to it I'd suggest maybe them being killed upen reentry. Just a thoight I had
  16. i think a timer is a good idea, it will slow down pvp logging, cause its just annoying when ur gonna kill someone u they just do /pvp or /spawn or log out its just not fair and fun. so i agree with the pvp timer :)
  17. I like this idea. The in-combat rule would prevent lots of players in logging out of the pvp arenas. I still think Aikar's timer could be avoided. People wouldn't care if they killed themselves, they would still be logging out of pvp.
  18. The issue I see with this is that you're being teleported out of the arena and then dying, unless either you're killed before the command teleports you. But then will it still teleport you after death? And if the code to kill isn't faster than the teleport then your items very well could spill all over the ground somewhere in town for others to steal. Unless an alternative being is that it only throws the string into chat, "Player1 killed Player2" and gives the percentage to drop Player2's head to Player1.
    As for PvP logging, this *would* work perfectly since you can't lose your items inside of the PvP residence
  19. Last night i made changes - fixed the bug where teleporting to another res BESIDES pvp not giving you the penalty timer.

    Also changed it so if you leave a fight floor and haven't attacked or been attacked in 15 seconds, you won't be penalized (though note entering a floor starts a 30s timer so you still must wait 30s after your last enter to go to a diff floor)
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  20. It's not possible to stop a person from logging out... only adding a penalty for doing so.

    It currently wont let you re-enter for 1 minute after logging back in, the same penalty for using /v to escape the pvp arena too.
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