A new kind of live stream...

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  1. So I was browsing youtube as I do everyday and found this incredible live stream of this intersection in this small town Jackson, Wyoming.

    While I was watching the live stream with Roslyn, we witnessed this?

    Whats the craziest stuff you've seen?
  2. Been watching this for like an hour now. #REDTRUCK seems to be a common trend there
  3. I've watched 2 minutes and it seems like red trucks are a thing

    On a fishing pole?
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  4. red minivan & red jeep

  5. wouldn't wanna live in this town 0/1
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  6. Jacksonhole? Wyoming? O-o I went there this summer, to visit Yellowstone. We watched a 'gun fight' and everyone was screaming. We also had ice cream in the building to the right of the photo, which isn't shown. The ice cream was the best part lol.