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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by wildbeast23, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys,
    Just wanted to share with you a simple but effective mini-trap I came up with yesterday especially useful for a fortification or town/house/base in the wild. We know that griefers are the scourge of EM, these traps if placed somewhere noticeable around your construction in the wild should prove most effective.
    Although they will not keep out a griefer they can give you some satisfaction when you see that the trap has been fallen for and the griefer has obviously been killed :)

    Basically its just a 4 deep hole in dirt filled with lava, then a glow stone block (to lure in a griefer), and then two glass blocks.

    View attachment 7630

    View attachment 7631

    Please leave a comment, and give some griefer-deterrent suggestions of your own.

    Cheers, wildbeast23
  2. I don't think you should use traps, because that would be classified as PvP, and yeah, you spoiled it now....
  3. Traps are not allowed on EMC.

    The fact is that while they might catch a grief, they might also catch an innocent player.

    Nothing stops you from making a blatant wall of lava around your base or something similar, but hidden traps are a no go.
  4. I do believe that creating such devices is seen as potential PVP and not allowed, but I'll wait for a mod to come along and tell you the exact rule...

    EDIT: As I took time posting the above, a wild moose appeared and completed the task...
  5. Indeed, the threshold between self-defense and proposital pvp is very blurry...
    And, like marknaaijer said, its spoiled now.
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  6. I think PvP against a griefer is the only way of getting him away if no moderators are online, no one is going to watch a griefer in action without doing something if no moderators are online.
  7. Any PVP is seen as against the rules of EMC, regardless of whether or not a Moderator is online at the time. Take screenshots and pm a mod and/or report the player using /report...

    But NEVER use PVP against ANYONE...you are just as guilty as the griefer in this case...
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  8. I think the question has been answered.

    Please remove the trap if its on EMC.

    Locking thread.
  9. Even offline, there are a few tricks that can be used.

    Frontier justice is a poor defence choice at best, and can easily be abused too. Also, if you decide to leave the area, the trap could stay like an abandoned landmine if you forget to remove it.
    Apart from putting more curious players "in danger" (me for instance; I like exploring ruins in the Wild), don't forget that some people may just come here (alt account or not) specifically to grieve.
    Not only will they not care too much about being killed/banned (they'll move on after anyway), but if they get you banned in the process for PvP, they are the ones who paradoxically win. This thread reminds me of an old debate I had with a former member, GokouZWAR. Knowing bit of forum history can be good ;)
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