A Message to the Imperial Bovines

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Is Olaf and his idea insane?

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I actually like it. 11 vote(s) 64.7%
I don't think it will cause anything to player count but i like it 5 vote(s) 29.4%
I think it will boost player count but i really don't care about it 1 vote(s) 5.9%
I think this ideas is far fetched and will never work 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Nick5013 is pretty. 7 vote(s) 41.2%
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  1. I was on smp1 earlier this night during one of icc's crazy events. The server was packed and everyone was having fun. The slots were overflowing and everyone was having a great time. Over the past month or 2 aikar and the rest of the admins have been working on new ways to boost player count and number of members. They have added new tutorials, bungee, the enraged mobs and have released many new features. This is important and should be focused on but as an extremely active member in game and on the forums I noticed players who have left want more excitement which not even all the marlix's and enraged mobs can provide. I think that to boost player count, player activity, and amount of members who become supporters i think that the admins and staff should invest more time in things like mob arenas and netherspleef. I love when the staff end up blowing up spawn or disguise and an enderdragon. Whenever a really fun mod or a senior staff/admin comes on the player count gives a boost even if they aren't doing anything, and if they are doing something it raises. the green, light green, and admins attract players well. Investing time in things like this will bring back old members who will recommend more members and maybe convince them to become supporters. I remember getting supporter after some sort of event from a staff and i thought "this is such a fun place so i think i should help it grow". New members are great and all but i think that the empire should focus on getting old members back who would want to become supporters. Boost that money into development and upgrading the servers and advertisement. the old members who already love the server and came back and if they love it enough start supporting and refer new people. Aikar, the cow or some mod will probably come in and give me reasons why this idea would not work but i surely would like to see more of this madness anyways. Part of restoring the empire to its previous glory is to make it seem more like a personal server, where everyone knows each other and everything is focused around fun. So, what do you guys think? Am I overthinking? Am i right? Am i thinking too optimistically? Post below

    P.S. Thanks to edmundwayne for the phrase "imperial bovine"

    EDIT: I personally chose the second option but i still think EMC should focus on keeping old members who would be more interested in supporter
  2. Totally correct. I myself find the servers... getting to be a bit drab as of late. I mean I love everything they have done, just... I'd prefer a challenge. One idea that I shot in the dark was about perhaps getting maps onto the servers and playing them with friends. Make fun things to do like instead of promo items, do an event.
    Just what I think. ;3
  3. I want to see more mob events but more challenging. Not necessarily mob arena, but something where a bunch of people can go to party once in a while. Nether spleef, Ive only ever tried once, but more activities with groups? Heck yeah. It is SMP, so why not have more server-wide events? I would like to see more fun, because I myself, and many others have been starting to lose interest or think of playing as more bland than anything.
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  4. SMP2, smp8 and smp5 have been dead lately and the rest have been a lot less active than normal. SMP1 always gets the big promo's and even then our count is much less than smp7, smp9, smp4, and sometimes even smp3 is more active. I remember a while ago someone suggested or a staff brought up a server just for gaming and maps. I think it was shot down or forgot about but i sure would love something like that. fun.emc.gs :p
  5. Maybe more stuff in town. Snow golems, other fun stuff like that so we have less people just afk
  6. justin prefers town and aikar prefers wild. I think that with the upcoming (by upcoming i mean 39999) wild land claiming feature will act as town but be allowed to spawn things like golums.
  7. Actually...
    Now that I think about it, why not give the supreme overlords a break for one night; A lot has been introduced this month and I'm sure they are all stressed out, and with the community... well being the community I think that they are trying, it's just we need to be patient.
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  8. I think that this is in the long term game plan. My impression was that all of the technical stuff that's been done of late was in preparation to better handle influxes of members from things like Dragon Tombs and a game world. I fully support this.
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  9. I agree. Everyone needs a break. Lets not pressure them or stress them out. Nothing good ever comes from exhaustion or stress :)
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  10. What?

    I couldn't vote. I was unsure exactly what your idea was. I got distracted looking at the paint on the wall while trying to read the long uninterrupted speal :)

    So say again, what is the idea?
  11. Basically in the nicest way I can possibly say:
    More staff to player interactions and fun things to do in the empire.
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  12. I am distracted by what you are saying. what paint? just kidding. Basically I am saying that empire should bring things back like mob arena and netherspleef and things like ./fun on smp3 which adds to the server experience. In theory it could bring back old members and boost player count. I would reread the original post since it is really not that hard to understand ;).
  13. OK. I think the gist of the idea was to get more staff doing fun stuff to get more older members online? Which in turn will make the server more attractive to new players?

    It's a good idea by itself, but I don't think it's what the server REALLY needs to bring in new blood.

    I should write my own views on that in another thread though, it's a long list of observations from playing other servers. And I believe a lot of what I think will increase players online is already being developed, and is just a matter of time.
  14. To be fair, we can have both... Max and Cow do events, and I handle the tech work for new members :)
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  15. I've also come to learn that my "events" are pretty much destined to turn into "mega death battles" no matter how innocent I try to make them. What was supposed to be a handful of renamed chickens earlier resulted in thousands of explosions and horrible deaths.
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  16. hence the tnt you wield in your avatar
  17. Maybe more planned events? Such as planned "death battles" ;) or nether spleef. Gives people something to look forward to / prepare for.
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  18. If I had one suggestion to ICC, I think we should continue the events but with less concentration on death/PvP etc. Not saying these battles are bad of course, I've just never really liked them. We should have more "minigame" style events such as the one detailed here. That way, we get to try new things and the death battles don't begin to feel so stale.
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  19. I think the staff does a lot for the members as it is and don't forget, they like to play on the server as well. So they can't do an event all the time, but perhaps a scheduled monthly/bi-monthly event would be great for members. Nothing too big, where it would take too much of the staff's time. Sometimes simple is just better for all.

    One thing I believe has lowered the "community involvement" is the number of servers. In the beginning there was only Smp1 and the slots were always full. This gave a better encouragement to players to become supporters so that they would have a reserved slot, but not all could do that. So Smp2 came and then 3 and then 4, ect, ect., until we had 9 servers all together. Over time people just got spread out among the other servers, so there isn't a lot of interactions with other members, so they don't play together. So to some it's a little like playing on single player.

    The game/event map mentioned above, I think is a great idea. All though, due to the number of members that would want to play it, you would probable have to plan a couple of days for the event, so everyone has a chance.

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  20. Well, I thought the same exact thing yesterday...
    And I think I know how to solve it.