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  1. it might sound stupid but yah a fully filled map that you can get at town spawn. I know about the live map that is hard to read while playing, causes lag when open with minecraft, and makes it easy in other environments to get killed. what im suggesting is a machine that gives you a map if step on a pressure plate, and now that I think about it a empty map lets player want to explore and can make routes
  2. You don't need a map in town. In the wild, just use a minimap mod. They're allowed on EMC. There are plenty of ways around coding this.
  3. I'm not the only person in the Empire. I'm interested to see what others think of this.
  4. I think I may be lost on this one......
  5. I think I just figured this out. He wants a traditional in-game Minecraft map that encompasses the entirety of the wild... I think.
  6. ... Wild?
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  7. While an in game map makes sense for what you want, town is to big for a fully prerenderd map, because it would take many pages. Rei's mini map is an easy to install mod, and would probably serve your purpose.
  8. He referenced getting killed in the OP, so I assumed it was the wild since one can't die in town.
  9. /rename title something more appropriate
  10. I understand what he wants now. A place in town to give (or buy) a pre-generated wild map. Again, it would be far too large to fit on 1 map.

    But the point is moot, as his issue was solved long before I even posted. :D I was just curious what he wanted!
  11. Live map. It's actually not that slow.
  12. DId you read his post? Live map causes him lag, not every ones computer runs the same.
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  13. Thanks guys for the ideas and now I see why some one could be both happie and a bit mad at your misconceptions. My original idea was a map, you can get by standing on a pressure plate or something, that you would use in town. But bonzd67 came up with a good idea to by a map to help yourself find your way in the wilderness. Again thank you very much
  14. I've died in town before. Quite the experience. :p
  15. Impossible. Unless you........
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  16. Well it's no longer possible, but when Aikar discovered the Admin Lounge, damage was still turned on for that area. JackBiggin and I jumped down and…
    Course, Aikar turned off damage after that. >.>
    So yeah. Before all the fancy stuff down there, death in town was possible!
  17. Also, there was one day when Aikar did a server update and server-wide fall damage was on........that was scary to find out XD
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  18. he is probably running browser version of minecraft, otherwise you shouldnt have noticable frame drop with a windows 98 stock running on atleast a gig of data
  19. Maps, maps! Lots of maps! :D