A Mansion I built

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  1. So its been forever since i posted anything here, so I thought i would share something i built.

    http://imgur.com/a/eNLG8 I wish i had took more pictures during the building process
    This is actually one of the few things i have built on my own in minecraft ( meaning i didn't steal it )
    I have spent a total of 8 hours on it so far and its still not even close to finished.
    This house was built using A modpack that's based off captain sparkles modded series. ( its not why I use it, just lots of mods ) Ill add to the imgur album once i furnish the inside.
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  2. That is much better than anything I have made :p
    Can we see pictures of the inside?
  3. Ill post it all tommorow. This thing is larger than it looks and i have never had this much space to work with.
  4. What a work of art! I love it dylan :D
  5. There're clay bricks in this build, which in my opinion is a difficult block to build with correctly! It certainly wouldn't fit in a futuristic-looking build.
  6. How did you get those leafs blowing around in the background?
  7. GSLR Shaders
  8. I believe its the mod optileaves thats doing that. Nothing to do with my shaders. And Im sorry i have yet to do the interior, Just had a lot to do lately. I should have it all done by Tuesday.
  9. This entire build started with the round part of the house. I just blew a hole in the ground where the lowest story is and started building. The rest just kinda came together.
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  10. Nice job! Best thing I ever made was a giant cake on res 10695!
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  11. Looks awesome :D What texture pack is that?
  12. It appears to be a slightly modified of Sphax PureBDCraft. I could be wrong though.

    This looks amazing. In the almost four years i've been playing Minecraft, the closest i've got to building something like that was a really large version of Paulsoaresjr's 'cozy cottage', and I lost it when Beta 1.8 came out :( I had so many plans and things to do with it and had just finished a skeleton grinder and was starting a cactus farm when it got corrupted upon my game updating.
  13. Cool! :)
    Where did you use the modpack for?

    How did it corrupt?
  14. 1.8 changed how worlds were saved, generated, etc., and for some reason MC crashed whenever I tried to load the save up, but not any others.
  15. It is Sphax PureBDcraft with all the modded textures added in.

    And i only used the modpack because it had forestry and a few other things that i like to build with. The inside floors and roof are made of mahogany and a few other types of wood.
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  16. If you still have the world save you could Backdate minecraft and play it again. And thanks, there was nothing easy about building this.
  17. But it corrupted, right?
  18. Its very possible that it just doesnt work for the updated minecraft. Corruption is fixable anyways, so long as you had a system restore point before the time of corruption, you could just restore the file. But its more likely he deleted it because it didnt work.
  19. Awesome build! You should do a time lapse of one, that'd be awesome to watch!
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  20. I wish I had done that on the one im working on. The one im doing now has taken longer than the mansion.
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