A manifesto, of sorts

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  1. I really need to spit this out, and that's what I'm going to do. If you're a TL;DR person, I recommend you hit that back button right now.

    /begin rant
    Go to Minestatus. Open it in a new tab. Look at the servers on the front page. Go to one... any of them. Stay for 10 minutes and tell me how that server is on the front page and EMC is on, what, the 4th page? Nobody looks beyond the 2nd. How are we going to get the new Leowastes and SecretAznEks' if nobody can see Empire Minecraft? This server is in need of great people to replace the EMC legends that have left. It will bring the inevitable 5-year-olds, but we're a strong community and we can fight that. And what will trigger the swarm of new people coming? Our votes. Sure, we're a couple hundred shy of 1K and the front-pagers have 3k, but I don't expect this to happen in a day. We all complain about the people leaving. But we can't just complain. We need to fill in the gaps with new people. I know there's a lot of great people in the Minecraft community that would thrive here and enjoy it, but as I said, how can they come if they don't know about it? This is the EMC we all dream of, if it isn't a dream already: great people, great builds, a great economy, and swarms of new players looking for "that server". Great, great, great. We've got a great server and so much potential, but people who look for new servers just don't see us! We need to vote at every chance we get. You'll even get rupees for it. 50x30= 1,500. That means if you vote every day in a 30-day-month, you'll get another 1,500R for whatever you want, be it diamonds or stone bricks. And you'll feel good, knowing that you helped in creating the Ultimate EMC.

    /end rant
    I'm SpaceShuttleFan and I approve this message. ;)
  2. I did read it - and I agree. Not everybody who comes to EMC will stay because quite a few of them just won't belong. But if we don't get ourselves out there to those super amazing people just looking for a place to call home - why bother
  3. EMC finds the legends. The legends don't find EMC.
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  4. I agree with you, but dude, this wasn't long at all. You should see my rant threads. :3
    But seriously, if even get #1, won't that bring in even MORE screaming 5 year olds?
    But I do agree, there should be something on the home page to tell you to vote and a better reward. (Even though voting only takes 15 seconds of your day) :)
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  5. Someone please write that down in the epic quote book of epicness.
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  6. I agree 100%
    (Although whenever I try to vote my Internet says NO!! Derps and crashes)
  7. Off topic but:
    How weird would it sound if I said,
    "I am IamSaj and I approve this message that I typed 5 seconds ago. 7 Seconds ago 15 seconds ago.
  8. /End Rant

    Good idea.
  9. Even though I like EMC, I wish the member rate would slow down a little bit.
  10. Hmmm. Who do we still have that qualifies as a "legend"?