A little quiz.. on me!

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  1. Hi fellow friends! So, my friends introduced me to a new website to make quizzes! I loved the idea, and decided to make one about me for EMC! Remember, please put your in-game username when it asks you what your name is. You get something special for completing it. If you put in a fake name, you won't get something special.

    Good luck!!

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  2. lol, did it, apparently I suck xD
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  3. #3 is wrong. Diamond supporter couldn't have been your first rank. All new players join without a rank, so the answer should be none.

    For #6 you should have included that you're talking about TEXP.
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  4. lmao... at least i ain't last xDDD
  5. I scored a 43% lol
  6. I'm surprised about the answer on one question...
  7. Some of these names.. lol
  8. I hate when people wanna do that...
  9. xDD the names on it tho
    EDIT: and You Are Ugly knew everything about her lolololol
  10. The best part is that the mean names got really high scores lol
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  11. Um.. my first rank was Diamond Supporter.
  12. No, your first rank was regular.
  13. my first "supporter" rank
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  14. I think HKR meant to have the question as "What was my first supporter rank"
  15. yes
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  16. They actually have the guest rank ;)
  17. Some of the names people entered...
  18. Finished, got an 86%. Some of the names people have entered are pretty mean and some of them are kinda funny.
  19. Then you should have made the question say that >.>
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  20. I applaud the man named DEEZ NUTZ.
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