A little fun with 1.6

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  1. The Snapshot is already here, I don't see why I cant have any fun.

    So I am just wanting to show what I have made in a SP world :)

    I have just made this thread just for the people to see each others creations using the new Snapshot.

    In this picture, I'm basically torturing Iron golems with leashes and a lava pool below in a setting of a play. :)

    [Leashes are not on the Creative menu yet ( Some Bug), so you would have to give it yourself by command.]

    /give [Player Name] 420

    Don't forget that this Snapshot has:

    - Horses
    - Horse Armor
    - Horse Saddle
    - Leashes
    - Carpets
    - Hay bales [Block]

    And don't forget that there is a new MC launcher to download the Snapshot!

  2. Actually leashes are in the creative menu.
    I forget where I found them, but they are there.
  3. I would suppose you're right. The search didn't find anything. And when I gave myself item 420, It was a leash with a blank name. Im guessing its somewhere lost.
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  4. It's not officially added yet- that's why it has no name.
    ... Interesting play.
  5. Leashes and also haybales (I think) aren't named yet to my knowledge, but are in normally.
  6. I'm going to build Battleblock Theater!
  7. The horses didn't like to participate in this play. They kept bouncing up and down and taking fall damage and killing themselves. Why must horses be suicidal.
  8. Had a look, leashes are in the Tools menu.
    For the reason of being hang from the ceiling lol?
  9. Yes. The solution is to just have water below. But I thought it wasn't evil enough for them to be simply hanging.

    Sadly, an idea is crushed.

    Leashes pop out when the fence post is moved.
    My dream of making a working Merry-Go-Around is ruined.
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  10. Yes, because every horse wishes to be dangled from a piece of wood by a string tied around them for the amusement of its owner...
  11. I could have paid them a wheat per minute >.>
  12. With the surprising shock of the amount of likes I have gotten.

    I now have the title of:
    A Well-Known Member. :D

    In such a happy moment, anybody may suggest a possible idea including with the new 1.6 features.
    That must mean that the idea is possible to be done.

    And I shall see what I can do so it will be made. :)
  13. I never like iron golems...
  14. Horses riding donkeys riding pigs riding sheep riding chickens riding wither skeletons riding skeletons riding spiders riding creepers riding squids.
  15. Errs, something possible? At least I would know. How to do.
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  16. I think it is possible in 1.6, I'll look into it.
  17. I know it's possible before 1.6:

    I'm not sure what you'd have to do to make it work with the snapshot, though.
  18. With a few moments to think...
    I have created a game based on PiƱata Breaking :D
    36 golems are being hung at the ceiling.
    This is a 2 player game
    Each player is given a stick to smack the golems and kill them.
    The goal of the game is to get the most Snowballs (Candy) when all the golems are killed.

  19. I'm making a game to, it's called
    Pig Flight

    Pictures will be up later
  20. Well, I don't think I want to spend 2 hours trying to figure out how to do stackable mobs. But may I ask another idea, related to this snapshot?
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