A list of good ways to get rupees!

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  1. Well hello emc people and today i bring you a compilation/list of ways to get rupees fast!
    1. Make a shop!
    2. Go mining and get almost 2 stacks of all minerals!(Diamonds if you are lucky)
    3. Sell Enchanted tools/armor!
    4. Build EXP grinders!
    5. Invite people to the server and ask them to use you as a referal!
    6. Make a redstone contraption never-seen before!
    7. Ask for donations! (Begging is not allowed)
    8. Auction! Auctions are really good to get money!
    9. Make a game that people can play for money!
    10. Create a casino!
    11. Consider day labor!
    12. Become a street peformer!- start dancing or making music with your friends and ask some donation!
    13. Recycle!- I always need a block that i buy and then i find out that it was in my chest!
    14. Open a diamond stand-shop stand!
    15. Become a moving advertisement!- make that your skin say something like SHOP in one side and RESNUM. in the other!
    16. Become a supporter!
    17. Get your 200r bonus everyday! + Help the empire!
    18. Create a rollercoaster!
    19. Sell structures to other peoples res!
    I hope this helped you and.... see you next time.
  2. 18.Create a Water Slide!
    19.Build a rollercoaster!
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  3. It is only a 100r bonus each day. But some good ideas there!
  4. Great List :)
    You get rupees for voting.
  5. 20. Sell types of structures to other peoples reses!
  6. Ill add rollercoaster but not water slide XD
  7. 21.Make cobblestone generators!
  8. Why not? I had one in smp2 and I earned a lot of rupees, even the EnderDragon tried it :D
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  9. Added :)
  10. What happened to it.
  11. I destroyed it.
  12. Why?
  13. I'm building a bigger and much better mall at 4440, with a new water slide too
  14. How Bout Donating To The Empire
  15. Take this one away please ;)
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  16. Perform jobs as dirt cleaning
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  17. Become a restocker
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  18. Sell cool redstone creations
  19. Eat Waffles
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  20. Entering competitions
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