A letter from my Memory.

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  1. Its been some amount of years since I last spoke to you. Did you still think about me the next day? I still think about it. I wish had told you how much fun that weekend was. The impossible wasn't just possible but inevitable. We should have known sooner what that meant for you. Do you remember what we laughed about 3 days ago before the big day? We joked about how silly it would be to see each other at Disney World. Then again I think sometimes that we could still go. Don't you think that would be nice? I checked the weather, the forecast looks pretty clear. .... .... I still remember when I first stumbled into you. Each year when that day passes by it feels as if we did meet just hours ago. The history just appeared out of void for us. It was a nice day. A Sunday if I can recall correctly. The day was warm with a slight breeze. I looked into your eyes and smiled. You did the same immediately but no words were exchanged. I never walk into this part of the park anymore. I hope you understand why. As the weeks went on by, the hours we spent talking over the phone and at school. I felt happy for once. I began to question where I would be with you in the years to come. Would you still be here at my side? One day you came up to me, you were going to visit some family in Gaza. Time passes by. The next morning, after looking at the TV. The news of those airstrikes. I try to call you but no answer. ... ... To this day... It still brings me the same tears I had those many years ago. The fear of not knowing. Someday we will see each other again. This is your legacy. This is your legend.

    Hey there readers of this post! Thanks for reading this feels train of a writing. I know its not the best thing to read on a Tuesday night but I just had to get it out of my head. There is some truth in this story as for some of it isn't how it happened. The title A Letter from my Memory isn't really from my memory entirely. I did add a few things in to keep it interesting as the actual memory would be more of a monologue. If you wish to read more from me, just vote which type of option above and I will see what I can think of and mix in with some of my personal memories or make it up entirely from thin air.
  2. I remember us growing up - we used to play together outside - I'd go to class with you on occasions.. or sneak away to your bedroom.

    Your mom didn't want us to be alone together - she said things might happen - you got angry sometimes...

    You said you'd love me forever... but later said I wasn't your type....

    You found a new friend... I was lost and alone...

    I tried staying with you until you finished the eighth grade, but I eventually had to stay behind ... I feel locked away from you forever... If only I wasn't a hamster.
  3. I really wanna know the story. Thanks for sharing. =]
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  4. I really enjoyed reading this, which is of course the main issue for a reader, but I'd also like to applaud you for using EMC in this fashion; to shars something from yourself while still being safe within some anonymity.

    Of course, as an outsider, this leaves with me with my own impressions and ideas, but that's just what a story is all about. At least to me.

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  5. I never knew your memory was such a good writer! If only that southpark guy was good though..

    (Sarcasm :p)

    Anyways, I really liked it :)
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  6. Why did I open this thread expecting to see a letter of the alphabet... :rolleyes:

    Neat letter btw. :)
  7. Squeak.
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  8. Mid-Day Bump for those who did not see this yet.
  9. This is written very well. Excellent job.
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  10. When I read it I felt like it could have been song lyrics.
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  11. I pm'd you the real story.
  12. some yaoi fanfic business happening here
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