A job that can earn you thousands of rupees! (with little work!)

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  1. I have been looking over my books i have created for my series, and have discovered WAY to many typos. I want the best for my readers, so here is the job: i want YOU. yes, YOU! to help me!. All you need to do is simple: take my already written books, find the typos, and re-write the book, correcting the typos! and better yet, with each book you re-do, i'll give you 1,ooo rupees! per book! if you intrested in this one-of-a-kind job, Pm me in the forums!
    NOTE: I will provide the books and quills that you will re-write the book in. Also, NO changing the story, and if i see a typo in the book you wrote, I WILL NOT PAY! you must re-do the book. :(
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  2. How long are the books? I'm pretty good with grammatical correctness :D
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  3. What are typos?
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  4. Slang word for mistakes when typing something.
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  5. the books so far range from 9-21 pages long
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  6. How many books do you have in total?
    I'll do them all.
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  7. So far i have four books done. and i already have one person working on them and 2 on hold. i'm also hoping to make this series 20-40 books long. I don't have enough rupees to pay for all four books, though :mad:
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  8. I'll check one. I just need the rupees eventually, but I'm in no rush for money, lol.

    Original post ^ Just realized I have a really full schedule, sorry that I can't help. School tomorrow and all.
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  9. I'd be glad to do this for free... Just PM me and we can arrange something.
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  10. You have to be a competitive spoilsport, don't you?
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  11. I'll do whatever books Mr. Competitive Spoilsport does not do. As for the money problem, I'll record that as debt. So for each book you're unable to pay me for at the time, you can pay me 250r extra as interest a week later. Debt drives economies, it's no biggie ;)
  12. Don't hate :p But really this is not something I'd pay for so I not gonna make somebody pay for it. I'm sorry for your lose of rupees Volt :p xD
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  13. I'll do them all :p And I'm not competitive... How is this competitive?
  14. Your apology is accepted, but you owe me at least one favour whenever I wish to call on it. ;)
  15. You're undercutting me massively. Only way you could possibly undercut me more would be to pay Jtc for proofing his books.
  16. Na... :p I'll pass. I can give you a job if it makes you feel better.
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  17. XD Ahahaha. I know I know you guys are gonna hate me cause I'm stealing easy rupees :p
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  18. LLO West. There is a mountain which has mostly been excavated, floating in the air beside a river, a lit grass plain, and not far from 2 buildings made from snow. Destroy the remainder of the mountain, or else lava walls.

    You're lucky I'm not JackBiggin or I'd vomit Maxarias up all over you.
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  19. No, im laughing my a** off!
  20. Oh dear! Not the lava walls!