A Friendly Goodbye.

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  1. Hello guys, as you may have noticed, I haven't been on as much as I used too, if any at all. And I think it's time for me to say goodbye, as I no longer have time for Minecraft. First off, a girl has stolen me from my first love (building things) and I am with her a lot. Second off, a local club recognized my talents as a "party DJ" and invited me to DJ for a night, after that I kinda took off locally and I have been DJ'ing locally for a while now. This is something else i love doing as seen here ----> (https://soundcloud.com/braxton-campbell/themash) this was my most recent closing act. Also soccer is starting and I will no longer have time. I thoroughly enjoyed the times i had here at EMC, and I don't think I could possibly get the same experiences. This could be temporary, maybe not. I might be back, who knows, but for now, I will miss you all, and happy Minecrafting :)
  2. Those all seem like good reasons to take a break, no matter how long. I can definitely respect your decision. Good luck with all that you have going! :) I hope to see you again some day.
  3. You should shoot the girl for stealing you. How dare she.

    Well, have a great time. Try not to miss us that much.

    I already miss you... </3
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  4. Aweee, Will you come back and visit sometime in the future? :c
  5. Of course! Actually setting up my next set right now for the next party lol
  6. ;_____; we will all miss your gorgeous blue eyes.
  7. later dude, I talked to you a few times, never really got to know you sadly. Best of luck in your rl endeavors :)