A formal introduction!

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  1. Allo, I'm Traynfreek, and I am an EMC "veteran" so to speak. I remember when JustinGuy was active but becoming inactive, and when Kryssy was a moderator. But enough about what I know, but what you may not know about me!
    • I live in Avon Lake, Ohio in the United States.
    • I am a freshman(almost sophomore!) in high school.
    • I speak American English and some French, but I use the British English spelling for some words.
    • Before EMC, I was a very enclosed person and still am to a certain extent.
    • I have a birthday on a non-celebrated holiday! Guess which one!
    • I (apparently) have an above average intelligence.
    • I love to write stories, descriptions, lots of things!
    • I am a very terrible artist.
    • I enjoy listening to electronic music, Monstercat being my favourite label.
    So there you go! That paints a pretty good picture of who I am.
    See y'all on EMC! :D
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  2. Well, I suppose this here is a formal welcoming message to you, Traynfreek! :p
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  3. Well, uh, welcome! :p Nice to meet you. :D
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  4. Welcome to the Empire Traynfreek. Hope you enjoy your stay. :rolleyes::D
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  5. Welcome to EMC!
    Remember, if you need any help, either ask us or use /newb.

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