a few questions about the new rules

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  1. this is more about exploits and cheats
    are bud switches allowed ?
    and are item elevators allowed ?
    these are considered glitches and i just wanted to be sure if i was allowed to make things that used these features
  2. I believe only glitches that give you an unfair advantage over the other players are disallowed. Anyone can create bud switches or item elevators.
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  3. Cory pretty much summed it up, basically, if it feels like cheating, don't do it
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  4. Glitches like that are allowed, and Mojang allows them too. Even though they may get fixed after a while (like item elevators did recently) they are just glitches, not critical bugs.

    If you simply use common sense, you should be okay. Most example of illegal glitches fall under the item dupe category, where you use something like tick lag to duplicate items. Well, that's obviously not allowed.
  5. thx guys
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  6. The previous statements seem accurate. :)
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