A few questions about supporter vouchers

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  1. As the topic has said, I was wondering about these vouchers. I know for a fact that, when you redeem it, you'll get a supporter rank based on which voucher you redeem. But it's the duration of the supporter rank from the redemption of the vouchers that is complicated. Is it for a month? Also, if that duration is expired, I'll have my rank reset to the usual player until I redeem it again or what?

    Sorry for the noob question. XD
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  2. All vouchers up for redemption all have a duration of 1 month, and yes your rank will reset back to normal after one month has passed by:p:p and dont worry, its not a noob question xD, everyone has questions :p
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  3. You can however buy 1 month,3 month and 6 month on the forums using real money :)
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  5. Ah, that makes things so much clearer. Thank you all for your answers. XD
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