A few new/repaired public farms on SMP5

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  1. Hey folks, I'd like to let everyone know about 3 farms that are available to the public on SMP5. They are as follows:

    1. A super low budget iron farm using a Ray works design ('Quick Iron Farm').
    2. An all mob farm using a Shulkercraft design ('Minecraft All Mob Farm').
    3. A gold farm that is NOT mine (Halaeon built it). It was in a bit of disrepair and I fixed it up a bit
    (with help from the helpful Empire admins).

    All three are easy to get to and function pretty well (I think). For people with Elytra, just get on SMP5, go to the frontier northwest outpost and fly straight west. Here are the coordinates for all three:

    Iron farm -1000444/63/-999997
    All mob farm: -1000408/65/-999952
    Gold farm: -1000574/70/-1000017

    For people without Elytra and good armor, these farms are still easy to get to safely. There are well lit paths past the 'pumpkin house' that you can take to the base/iron farm. There are well lit tunnels between all the farms and signs in then to help you navigate. There is even a short minecart track between the all mob and gold farms. Lastly, to go directly to the gold farm, there is an ice boat tunnel set up. The entry of which is at coordinates: -1000112/72/-999977. From the NW center, you just have to head west, climb a hill, start down and you are there. Please bring a boat or use & return one in the chests at each end of the tunnel. There is a base near the iron farm and AFK spots set up. Please feel free to use these in a friendly, civilized way, and please do not grief!

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  2. I'm testing the yields for the farms. For 30 minutes of AFK directly above the all mobs farm I got: 19 arrows, 16 gunpowder, 12 bones, 16 rotten flesh, 13 strings. Iron farm yields 80 iron bars and 20 poppies in 30 minutes from the AFK spot near the farm. For 30 minutes hacking away at the gold farm (and perodically letting the items drop), I got 12 gold bars, more than 40 swords, 10 stacks of rotten flesh plus 11, and at least 850 nuggets. After smelting and crafting that is 107 gold bars and 3 nuggets plus a bit more than 9 stacks of rotten flesh. I think the gold farm works best with active hacking away with a sword. I used a looting 3 sword with mending and the xp gained kept the sword in perfect shape and increased my XP too.
  3. Sounds nice!
  4. I have been asked repeatedly about a gold farm on smp5.
    Wonder if this is what was being asked about.

    Thanks for posting.
  5. There are at least four big gold farms on 5 that are close to frontier outposts.
  6. o.(o)

    well then. Someone must inform me.
  7. Thanks BlockHead
  8. Hey, I've made some improvements to the gold farm so it is now a bit better. In an hour with a looting three sword with mending you should get:

    268 gold bars (around 38 stacks of golden nuggets)
    32 stacks of rotten flesh
    160 golden swords

    The improvements consisted mostly of adding portals and adding a snowman above the drop area.
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  9. This sounds awesome! My hats off to you Sir!

    Question: any mats you may need to help you do 'more' stuff or which may help you keep on going? Think wild, think... "if I had access to that....", don't think "Yeah, all good, happy to help, don't want to sound greedy". Instead.... humor me (pretty please?!) :)
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  10. Awesome dude. From one 5er to another, let me know if you need anything.
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