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  1. Well it's been a year since I joined this wonderful server. 365 days sounds like a short time right now, hard to believe it's been a year :D I've gotten just taaddd bit better at Minecraft since then, about one year ago when I joined you could have asked me what kind of tree was which and I'd give one of two respones, birch or oak. That's partially cause I just wasn't very smart when joined, but also because of how little I knew the game. But when I joined I knew enough to plant some trees and make a interesting little cobble gen. Next I went to the wild, I'll have you know, in single player I was one of those people who either played on peaceful or turned it to peaceful every time a mob got close to killing me... Let's just say I didn't do so well in the wild that day, and I became somewhat inactive. Around a month later, a guy named Pab10s joined. Pab taught me a lot on how to play the game, things like how to make a farm (You should seen me in single player *facepalm* If there weren't animals I'd die looking for food) to dealing with mobs to most of what I know. But anywho, through EMC I've become a decent player and now know mostly what I'm doing. So meanwhile I began making a roller coaster on my res, which I sadly have yet to complete. Somewhere in there a few outposts were trashed, my maze was made, (boy is it fun to watch people go through that) I started doing auctions, became known on the forums, made a skin statue business, joined outposts including the LLO(had to leave due to Smp7 being my town server) and made a few memorable times in town. I've now been convincing friends to join the server and join this wonderful community. I'd like to thanks all of you guys for making the server what it is now.
    So, I guess I'll make this an AMA as well, ask away! :D
  2. Happy EMC birthday!

    Edit: First
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  3. Did you join before or after I did? (Beta 1.7.3)
    Do you love EMC?
    What's your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?
    Cake? (I ask that in every AMA)
    About how long after joining Minecraft did you stop using peaceful?
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  4. ^.^ Happy one year!
    Well at least you were better than me when I started EMC…:p
    So…have you ever changed your skin? (Full skin)
    Have you updated it? (Tweaks and stuff)
    Favorite color?
    Favorite band/artist/musician/producer?
    Favorite movie?
    Favorite color?
    Favorite emoticon?
    On a scale of 1-10, how much of a friend am I to you? (10 being a friend)
    On a scale of 1-10, how much of a enemy am I to you? (10 being an enemy)
    Ever moved?
    How's life?
    Keep answering these questions! :p
    Is this a trick question?
    Was that question above a trick question?
    Are you sure?
    Check again.
    How about now?
    Vaccuum cleaners?
    Is this the last question?
    Complete this statement: I'm…
    Again, happy one year on EMC!
  5. Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur?
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  6. I'll be answering the questions in the quote, as I find it easiest to follow along with.
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  7. Keep asking questions! I'm going to bed, I'll answer more tomorrow!
  8. Now that you know the difference between the trees, which kind of wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck were a mob in MC?
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  9. I was the same way, I played single player for a good year, almost always on peaceful. Glad to have you here, specially on smp7. Happy Birthday.
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  10. Where do you live?
    What's your Facebook?
    What's your Instagram?
    What's your phone number?
    What's your tumblr?
    What's your address?
    What colour roof do you have?
    What state do you live in?
    What country do you live in?
    Am I a stalker?
  11. All four at the same time!
    This information may or may not be true^^^^ I feel bad for whoever's phone # that is <---------- Is Pepin even a place? <----
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  12. Ill be there in 48 hours.
  13. I think you don't often give yourself enough credit, Creeper. That aside, I hope that you and anyone who reads this takes the time to regularly share information with their fellow players and occassionally take a little extra time to help someone else learn about the game if they appear to need it.

    By the way, I considered dialing the number you posted. I thought it might be a fun surprise to actually talk to you, but I couldn't believe you would have posted your true phone number. I don't recall your real name anyway, so I bailed out when I realized I might have to explain who CreepinCreepers was to a stranger.
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  14. Yeah I suppose I'm probably hard on my self at times :rolleyes:
    But yeah none of that stuff is even slightly true :p I made it all up on the spot, I have no idea who that is xD
  15. i have nothing to ask you. i already know everything about you. * twitches*

    /jk/ what do you do in teh event that a car hits a tree in front of your house, knocks the tree over onto your house, and the driver of the car gets out, drunk, and starts running at you. the driver was a zombie.

  16. Uh, I run to my neighbors and "borrow" there gun for a moment I guess.
  17. I thought this was an "ask him anything" not an "ask-you-and-I'll-also-throw-in-an-answer-and-use-a-lot-of-xD-emoticons anything" :/

    How old are you?
    How old am I?
    Is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicavolcanocoiosis a real word?
    What does it mean?
    If I...?
    Could there possibly be a color that we haven't discovered yet? Can you imagine what it would look like? How would you describe what light it reflects/absorbs?
    If you encounter a blind person and ask them what they "see." Do they see darkness...or nothing at all...since darkness is a color that one would have to perceive with one's senses
    If you have a color-blind friend, and they see red as orange...how do you explain to them what red is....if they've never seen it?
    And one random religion question that we went over in Phil
    (cause everyone likes those right?)
    4.) If there is an omnipotent god and he can do ANYTHING he wants...if he created a rock so heavy that he himself could not lift it(since he can do anything)...would it nullify his omnipotence?
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  18. Do you like pigs? I hate them with all of my heart.
  19. Pigs are cool...