A draft of rules for Wild town/clan owners.

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  1. These rules will be used by the towns/clans that sign onto it.

    As we all know, their are lots of wild towns and clans in EMC. So why dont we bring them together? Not as one big town, but as a theoretical nation. These towns and clans would work together though trading, sharing, and being friendly. They would do all they can to stop greifers.

    Here are some rules I came up with.

    One shall not grief other towns/clans.
    One shall not steal from other towns/clans.
    One can try to trade and share with other towns/clans.
    One shall not be greedy within his or her town/clan
    One shall pay his/her works if its a working town.
    One can make his/her town/clan past the periodic reset zone.
    One shall not bash other towns/clans
    One can replant trees.

    What if you live all by your self? Then these would be for you!

    One shall not grief other towns/clans
    One shall not steal from other towns/clans
    One can make an effort to get more people (If you want)
    One can trade with other towns/clans.
    One can replant trees.
    One shall not bash other towns/clans

    If you would like to join this, please put your name and clans name. (LEADERS ONLY.)
    After people join this, we will all get together on SMP3 to make it official. (If SMP3 is full, we do it here.)
    I do not have a name, since we should all have a say. Also, Justinguy, if people take part in this, can we have a rank that says " NAME OF TOWN/CLAN NATION NAME partner." ?
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  2. Ehhh, a draft of rules that tell people what they WILL do turns them away. I suggest rules that state what a player can do and what a player cannot do (as far as the Federation goes)

    Things like "One shall trade with other towns/clans" really turns them away from the idea of adopting the Federation rules. They don't want to feel like they have to make what could be an extremely expensive and difficult task that they may not want to partake in.
    However, I see your intentions with that rule, and I suggest making a rule that would ENCOURAGE people to trade rather than FORCE people to trade.

    The same principle would apply to the other rules.
    I'm not going to join quite yet, I want to feel comfortable taking on rules that I really have no obligations to follow.
  3. Good point. Any better suggestions on how to word it.
  4. OK, I changed some of them to One can. Some are still One shall (Like One shall not greif other towns/clans) since they re basic rules of EMC.
  5. To be sure, things like the griefing and stealing rule are good "shall not"s; considering they are indeed part of the EMC rules.

    What I would suggest is establishing a "capitol" if-you-would and have that as a foundation for these "laws". If decided, we could make a law that (while it is still kind of demanding) requires one to build in a certain radius of the settlement. To make this seem less demanding, we make the radius distance very relaxed and flexible so people may choose biomes and terrains of their preference to build upon.

    I suggest this because there would be no point of this Federation if we hardly interacted with each other. I think the stricter rules should be left to individual settlements so people have diversity in towns they decide to live in and choose the ones best suited to their liking.

    I really do enjoy that other people find interest in these kinds of things on this website!
  6. I'm not sure I agree with you on the distance matter. The British empire had colonies all over the globe at one point "the sun never sets on the British empire".

    I like the idea of being able to chat and discuss things / trade with other wild builders while still having my home far away in a little remote spot. Given that one can easily transfer items between servers, I could always come help others if need be, regardless of the distance of my home.
  7. I would suggest my camp but mine is only home to three people, and only two of us have a house. Even though I would be a leader of this theoretical nation, (I did make the main rules) I think we should put it up to a vote. We could also make trading post. Unless Justin puts in a way to trade, we would have to use the basic water trading.
  8. Ahh yes, great old British Empire. However, for them to get so powerful, (or any nation, for that matter) they needed a centralized community. Now, a single player can create amazing things all by themselves; and two players building separately but in one relative location can create masterpieces. If the bulk of the federation is all spread out and no one is really near each other, we lose the potential we could have as local communities building and interacting with each other.
  9. How about this, each Sever is a state/province with its own capital. Their would be the nation capital that would be voted by all, unlike the state/province capitals, that would only be voted on by that sever.
  10. true, and i think most of people would freely choose to live in this centralized community, i just don't think it should be a requirement.
  11. You're right. We shouldn't bar people from joining if they don't live within radius of "capitol".
    But there needs to be something that will encourage people to interact with each other and work to do amazing things, you know, something that defines the Federation. Otherwise we're just different towns scattered across the world.
  12. Back to the topic... How about each capital of the states/provinces will be a hub for something?

    One could be the hub for mining, one for farming, one for mob killing, one for wood cutters and so on.
  13. From what I'v seen, people don't really want a government tun federation. How about we still vote people in to do stuff, they just can't pass any new law they want, it has to be passed by normal people in the Federation and the normal people could also try to get a new law in.