Griefer readiness levels.

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  1. These are basic levels of readiness for a griefer attack.

    Level 5: No threat: The person is not close to the camp and is not moving towards it.
    Level 4: Person of interest: The person is moving towards the camp but is not a real threat. Should ask the person what they are doing. If no response, skip to level 2.
    Level 3: Just a visitor: If they say the just want to check the camp out or just walking by, put some of your stuff in your backpack.
    Level 2: Threat: The person has moved towards to the town and has shown that trouble is here. Move stuff into backpack or a locked chest.
    Level 1: Griefer attack: The person has arrived and has started griefing. Get ANYTHING that is valuable into a locked chest, in-case you are killed by lava, drowning, or any other means of death. Take screen shots the second you can. Warn any other towns/camps around you of the attack.
    Thanks for reading and I hope some of you use this! :D
  2. You should never try to kill another player, because if you do you'll be banned forever. :p
  3. Good point. If he dies from the lava that he spilled, laugh, send a mod a screen shot, and rebuild.