A Double Chest of Beautiful Cakes!

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  1. This auction isnt any regular old auction because this one is with amazing homemade cakes.
    Come pick this up at 14901 on SMP7 if you are to win.
    The starting bid is 100 rupees.
    You have to bid up at least 25 rupees.
    Auction ends after 24 hours after the last valid bid.
    Thank you and good luck bidding on these amazing, delicious, gourmet, beautiful, mouth-watering and just plain old tremendous cakes!
  2. 100r
    cake is a lie no screen shot
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  3. lol. Sorry about that didn't think about it at the time. I'll do it next time
  4. 150r, I've grown a custom to lies.
  5. 200 rupees, lol I actually need them for my pub.
  6. 225r, since everyone else wrote something I wrote this :p
  7. so far _Stads_ is winning with 225r. Also, Bump!
  8. 1050 rupees then.
  9. hmm its 3rd period and im already hungry, guess i need this cake, 1100r
  10. Can't you edit your post and put a screenshot in?
  11. So far 333Kirby is winning with 5k! also BUMP!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.