A discovery of mine

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  1. As you may or may not know, I went extremely far from wasteland spawn. While I was looking for diamonds, I found something I think might intrigue you all.

    Oh, and don't use caps...

    It seems as though the ocean found its way in to the cave. There was also an abandoned mineshaft suspended in the ocean. I'm sorry for not screen capping that.
  2. Yeah i also found a lava pit under one of the ocean biomes! I almost died resurfacing thought D=
  3. Lol that is sooo cool, I must make it my job to go on one of these explorations someday!
  4. I wanna go at least 100KM when we update
  5. I set up my base somewhere in the Wasteland. The base has a melon farm, swimming pool, workplace, incinerator and some aesthetics XD Its fully protected from the outside world
  6. And its about to disappear..
  7. lol yea, but there will me more resource rich lands to explore soon :)
  8. Lol at me in the Chat :p cool find anyway
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  9. Wow this is really cool, I never find cool stuff like this, just a bunch of creepers to kill me
  10. lol you dont have time to mine *cracks wip* NOW CODE! ;)
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  11. Code:
    if(player.getName().equals("Beardswell")) {
        AllCreepers.setDamage * 100000;

  12. }
    if(player.getName().equals("justinguy")) {
    AllBeardswell's.setLOVE * 10000000000000; <3
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  13. :(
  14. im keen tell me when u going to go and ill join in
  15. Me an you go on a trip?
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  16. yip and lets go with others also
  17. I'll go!! I can provide some BASIC resources. What server? And when? :)
  18. i'll go as well i can provide iron. I have 3 stacks of iron from staying in my mine for 7 minecraft days XD
  19. will be on server 1 and only after the worlds has been updated
    gonna go out for ages tho not just a short lill trip thats like 2 mc days its gonna be atleast 2 minecraft weeks
  20. There's a problem with that. Just my going to 40K caused the entire sever to lag. A lot. Or so it seemed, since after I died all the lag went away.