A discovery of a Natural Emerald Ore Block!

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by ForeverMaster, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. I just found a natural emerald ore block while I was just mining! This the first for me to see one of these blocks in EMC! But I don't how I can show all of you the screenshot that I took with the emerald ore block.:confused:
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  2. Upload it to imgur and copy the bbcode ;)
  3. Good job finding it! There's about 300 more people who found it before you.
  4. You have a point, but is there any need to be so rude?
  5. Here's the emerald ore block that I found. I also have a screenshot for a spider jockey!
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  6. Haha nice, The jockey is more interesting than the emerald ore :3

    I hope you had a silktouch on you, cuz the ore is worth more than the emerald gem
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  7. hahah nice
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  8. "oh ya know, i just ridin' meh spidie sideways.. ya know how dat goes"
  9. Not in a rude tone.
  10. I think he means that you're trying to downplay his excitement by saying he wasn't the first one to do so. He's aware he's not the first one. No need to make that the "point" here.

    Good job on the emerald ore AND spider jockey!
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  11. I remember my first emrald ore :D good times
  12. I STILL haven't been able to find a Emerald Ore.... Ik, it's sad... but I will when I make my comeback :D
  13. Congratulations on your first Emerald Ore! And on the Spider Jockey ;)
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  14. I STILL haven't been able to find a Emerald Ore.... Ik, it's sad... but I will when I make my comeback :D
  15. MY fence is made out of emerald ore. smp1 407
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  16. Congrats bro! Whenever I found my first emerald ore I was all like " WHARBAGARL! ERHMI GERD! "
  17. Nononon not like that!

    I was trying to say these are rare and not most people can find them
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  18. Well congrats, I haven't ventured into the wild in quite a while, let alone with a silktouch, so I could never find one of these.
  19. Gratz! Haven't found Emerald Ore yet :)
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  20. I remember you getting yelled at for blowing all your money on that.