A couple server questions.

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  1. How many villages are allowed per chunk on EMC servers?
    Ive heard there is a way to lock a beacon, how do I do that?
    Does the beacon lock protect the blocks underneath it from griefers?
  2. No clue about the villages but I know about the beacon questions!

    On EMC you can use a sign and write Lock on it and it'll lock the beacon :D No one can change the effects or even pick it up :D

    Although It dose not protect the blocks under the beacons :)
  3. Eeeerrrrrmmmmm… OVER NINE THOUSAND!!! Um no. I think it is default minecraft limits, unless it is in town, where it is limited by number if villagers, not villages. I guess, if a chunk is 10x10, it would be 100. 1 per block. That is default minecraft.
  4. OK thanks for those answers, now 1 more question. When I have bred a ton of animals and I get the "You have reached the entity cap for this area" warning, how large of an area does it apply to? Just that particular chunk?
  5. There is a 100 entity limit on your residence in town. There's 100 entities to every residence.
  6. I was making a villager farm in the wild. I constructed the farm, added in a full stack of villager eggs to get thigns started and all of them poofed after about 1 minute. NO eggs, no villagers. Can someone explain to me where I went wrong?
  7. Possibly too many mobs in the area, but I have no idea how there could be that many mobs around unless there was a spawner nearby. Especially since you didn't get a single villager to spawn. O.O
    Try /entcount and see how many mobs are around.
  8. Possibly a glitch, I also think emc has some weird rollback at some point today, where the world was not updated, same with your inv, but not your chests. This has happened before, a year ago or something, back when Aikar was Mod, tons of people were abusing the glitch :p its gone now, though.
  9. If you are near a jungle, get far away from it. Ocelots are bad news for the entity limiter.
  10. It wasnt the ocelots or the entity count. The entity count was like 3/40 when I unpacked my villager eggs. Can a mod or something help me here? this has happened to me 2 times now. I unload a stack of villager eggs, they are fine for a couple minutes, I trade with them and such, then they all disappear.

    I can't really afford to waste any more money trying to figure out if this is a bug or if I am just doing something wrong.
  11. What time was it when you spawned them?
  12. Are you near a jungle? Because from what I have seen in the past, jungles are no good to do something like this around. Many players in the past have had the exact same problems as you, and they were all within spawning distance of a jungle. Once they moved away, their villagers didn't despawn anymore.
    Edit: After further investigation, you are pretty much 60% surrounded by jungle. Try putting your villagers at least 80 blocks (I would do 100 just to make sure) away from the jungle edge, and see if they still despawn.
  13. Oh I am definitely near a jungle, but the entity count was low. Regardless, I will try this FARRRRRRRR away from the jungle and retry it. Sigh. How did you know Where I was building though out of curiosity?
  14. Thats the thing about jungles, ocelots spawn (or they used too, if it wasn't changed) in huge numbers. Also, I looked at some screenshots you posted in the past.