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  1. #1. Not sure if it's me or some weird glitch. I have this cave spider spawner and in a 3x3 cube of glass with glowstone on all sides of the spawner (see image). Normally this is enough to 'turn off' the spawning but it still spawns. Is there something I'm missing or shouldn't this spawner not spawn right now?

    #2. Again as you can see from the image above, I'm digging out this huge thing. 64 blocks in all directions from level 60 to bedrock lol I'm using a beacon with Haste II and Eff V picks so it's super fast. Sometimes though when I move forward I start glitching out. It's like I'm stuck on something but nothing is there. I exited the game and came back and there we're blocks there now like they we're broken at all. Are they being mined to quickly and the game doesn't remove them fast enough? Maybe something I can do to prevent this?
  2. #1 no idea
    #2 This is because your client thinks that you are breaking blocks but due to a very small amount of connection lag the server does not know you are breaking them. When this happens, try right clicking on air blocks in front of you and if you hit the right one a block will reappear. It is a little weird, but just go with it. The only other fix would be to mine slower...
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  3. Ya when this happens I've just exited and rejoined and the block appeared.
  4. The spiders can spawn in an 8x2x8 area. (8 wide, 2 high, 8 long) all of these blocks need to be lit above light level 7 to stop spawning.

    Just add more lighting to it.
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  5. The spawner is lid but all te area aound it isnt...
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  6. Even though it's about 2-4 blocks from ceiling and about 25 blocks from ground level? There is nothing but air blocks around it.
  7. Consider that we routinely use water at the bottom of spider/skelton/zombie grinders and the mobs spawn without solid blocks. Light affects spawning around them, but you need to light the whole 8x8x2 area rather than just the immediate area of the spawner. So if you were working on a grinder, placing torches around the spawner and on the walls works.

    If you are digging to a level that will put you out of range of the spawner (greater than 14 blocks), I would just let it go. If not, you could place blocks in the block around the spawner and on the level above in an 8x8. As I recall the north-west side is the side with more spawning space. I often do a 9x9 when I'm working on a Blaze grinder because I get rushed and don't check. Or you could suspend a few blocks of glowstone/lanterns in the area around the spawner or place torches on them.
  8. For the time being I'm just digging out the entire area then once I find slime chunks etc, I'll determine what to build and were. So it's not a huge thing just though it was weird that my other spawner 30 blocks away spawned nothing with less light on it lol
  9. what I meant was my 2nd spawner 30 blocks away spawned nothing when I went near it
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  10. I'm guessing that it wasn't a cave spider spawner?

    Cave spiders are 1x1x1 blocks. All other regular mobs are larger and need more space to spawn, so my guess is you would need a few blocks of well lit area around a normal spawner for them to spawn in. For the cave spiders there only needs to be a single block of spawnable space.
  11. Ya it's a cave spider spawner. I didn't want it to spawn lol
  12. I meant your first one 30 blocks away was a regular mob and the one in the picture is a cave spider. This is why it can spawn them. The cave spiders need so little correct space to spawn, while the other mobs need more spawnable space.

    Just add more light blocks around what you have there and it will shut off.
  13. Oh sorry, they are actually both cave spider spawners lol
  14. Found another issue (well nothing major) for my witch farm, there is a dead drop of 30 blocks. Works perfectly with 1 issue. Enraged mobs. They don't die from fall and are running around in there. I know I can lower the floor which is what might happen, but can anyone thing of a way to get them out? It's basically a 9x7 box with hoppers to catch drops. Now I can't use water because they will not die, can't use lava because the drops will burn ... lol Anyone have an idea?
  15. I've never found a good way. I just dispatch them with a sword when Enraged show up in a farm. Unfortunately, in order to discourage us from farming them (The horror!), you won't get anything from it besides dented armor because of the damage they take when they fall.
  16. Not trying to farm them, just want them out lol
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