A City In The Jungle

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Are you interested in joining a village in the jungle?

No 4 vote(s) 16.7%
Yes 20 vote(s) 83.3%
  1. Hey you guys, My Name is MotoMonster252
    I have started a City in a jungle.
    I want people who DON'T GRIEF to help out.
    New Villagers will get a stack of Wood Planks, Cobble, Torches, and 20 Bread.
    At the End of every month i will give 2,000R to the Best house and Farm in the Village.
    Please Send me Information with a message if you are interested in joining me and a few friends. Thanks, MotoMonster252
  2. I'm not interested in joining, but I'm not scared of mobs. Your poll is a false dichotomy, so I cannot answer it. :p
  3. Well then, I would add more, but then i add to the Nonsense that i dont want, im just looking for a good time with new people.
  4. Ill join! I love doing these kind of things. I can provide some materials, and use some anti grieving techniques, like a treehouse. What SMP? Lol you're older than me and says your a new member, i guess i take orders from you then.
  5. Just be careful on who you allow to be at your city.
    There are lots of griefers out there you know...

    The forum ranks are only for forum activity, they doesn't count the days on server.
  6. Sounds cool! What server?? I'm good at building treehouses and designing other structures too!

  7. I'd LOVE to go to your jungle City. I hope it doesn't get the same result as the forum posted: "OUR ISLAND WAS DESTROYED!!!!!!" (self-explanitory) I'd love to be a part of it :D
  8. You don't have to add more. If your poll answers simply were "Yes" and "No", I could answer.

    I was just speaking in jest anyway, so don't take what I'm saying here seriously, but basically what you're doing is placing words/reasons in people's mouth. There are only two ways to legitimately answer your poll, by both admitting you're scared of mobs and not being willing to live in the jungle village or that you love the jungle and that you're willing to live in the jungle village. What if you're scared of mobs but want to go live there anyway? What if you like the jungle, but you don't want to live there? So many more options than you allow for with your forced answers. :p
  9. Nice one! But anyways, its too much work to post it all, so i rather stick it as it is.
  10. Send me a Private message and ill come and get u at wild spawn. and its on SMP2
  11. Send me a private message
  12. Send me a private message and i come meet you at spawn to take you to the city
  13. Yea i saw that also, but I want it to grow as big as it can, And the best thing to do is hide your chest somewhere only you would know. But send me a private message and ill bring you to the city
  14. I hope you know that everyone can see you on the livemap? And so your secret jungle city will probably not be so very secret. Just pointing that out. Good luck anyway~
  15. Well, Ive turned off the live map usage. theres way to hid where you are
  16. I'd love to join! I'm a good miner and can lead a group of guards to defeat mobs to keep the town Creeper free and zombie free!
  17. Thats only for supporters I believe.. Are you a supporter then?
  18. Sure send me a private message and ill take you to the city
  19. No it shouldnt be only for supporters. i think everyone can use it, not sure though. and it doesnt matter.