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  1. Hey all, this is a glass/ glowstone floor im building over 4 res's (res's are in an L shape, trying to get the ones to make it into a 2x4 res) and i need ideas of what to build over it when its done.
    It can be anything from a giant ocean to Dalaran. Just not sure what it should be.
    And please, if you can, please donate to help out, this costs ALOT to do.
    to donate, go to 2378, walk back and look to the left. theres a tp to a viewing platform with donation boxes

    2013-01-30_17.29.03.png 2013-01-30_17.29.19.png
  2. Looks good, will it be mostly for shopping? :)
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  3. it might have a shop, and a hotel. im just looking for ideas
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  4. Okay so let me just say this the sheer awesomeness of that design well outweighs the cost :D
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  5. haha, thanks, took likehalf an hour to pick it
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  6. Pie, Nuff' said.
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  7. make a beacon tower(100 beacons+)
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  8. how would that work?
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  9. quite simple. shift build
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  10. I'm working on a 2x4 project myself right now, so I know how much potential on spending rupee is in it ^^. About ideas. I went for an upside down castle. There will be glass plateaus to look from the outside. I will try to design the inside in a way so you can walk through the castle but all the time on the ceiling. Looking forward to see what you come up with :)
  11. A Helping Hostel. A place to help new EMC members who are new to Minecraft. A place where they can learn about farming (trees, wheat, potatoes, carrots, etc), how to mine, how to smelt, how to make basic redstone circuits, etc, etc. Maybe give visitors a birch sapling a boat and a pick or some such thing.
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  12. hmm, i like your ideas
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  13. Bumpity bump, incase anyone has has any more ideas.
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  14. Nice! As for what should be built there, maybe skyscrapers? Of course, you would have to build underneath.
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  15. A replica of a really famous city! Like NYC or San Francisco!
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  16. How about the Sahara desert?
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  17. Well said.
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  18. those would be too big or he could pick a specific building like the empire state building or that newer one thats something like the hope tower in NY
  19. Uhhhh you mean the 9/11 memorial?
  20. Well, what I meant was the downtown....
    not necessarily the suburbs...