A bit worried

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  1. So today I was helping my parents move some stuff and work in the yard, and during that I consumed two monster energy drinks within about two hours. Caffeine and energy drinks don't usually affect me but sine then my hands have been a little shaky, is this serious?
  2. You're probably just a bit hyper. Give it till tomorrow or maybe a few hours and you'll probably be fine. 2 energy drinks shouldn't be a problem. Caffeine can't really seriously harm you until you start taking *stupidly* high dosages.

    EDIT - Like Autumnrain said, you'll probably be okay but stay away from caffeine until you're back to normal.
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  3. Which size of monster? Some people are more susceptible to caffeine and it can cause quivering. If you look on the cans, they actually list a Daily Recommended Value of consumption. On the "BFC" cans (Those are the huge cans with the screw off lid) I think its... Erm, Monster doesn't say.. but I think its like 1-2 cans and the smaller cans are 2-3... But is is subjective to the person.. I would recommend not drinking any more caffeine until the quivering stops. So like water and herbal teas (As most herbals are naturally decaffeinated).
  4. Probably not if you don't drink too many of those energy drinks. They are loaded with caffeine and this may be causing the shacking.
  5. Funny you mention this - I drank two NOS energy drinks today when u went to SkyZone today and I shook for about an hour after that.
  6. I had one of the imported cans and one normal.