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  1. Im still fresh meat when it comes to SMP so please answer my questions
    -If some person leaves a chest or mine ungaurded in the wildy can i loot it?
    -Why are there craters, wierd rectangular dirt skyscrapers in the wildy, and odd bridges scattered sround?
    -How do you give someone money?
    -is there an average price for item section on this site?
    -How come when i vote for this server on minestatus i dont get rupies?
    -If i copy and paste one of the server ads from this site into my signature on mcforums will i get credited if they click it and create an account?
    That is all thanks in advance
  2. From top down.

    If its not locked, yes.
    Its like that in any big SMP sever. Some people just don't know how to build anything.
    /rupee pay (name) (amount)
    You can sell anything for any price but the store is the average price.
    Minestatus is kind of odd.
    Don't know.
  3. Thanks for the answers
    btw awesome meme avatar
  4. Thanks and have fun! :)
  5. if they type in your username then you will get credited but they may not put it in
  6. It is common courtesy to not loot chests unless they are obviously Random Loot (Dungeons and Strongholds) as that is still stealing and can still get you banned. :)
  7. Wrong Mrlegitislegit! If you are caught stealing from another player's chest you will be banned. Stealing from/looting other players chests is not allowed here.

    Read the Rules!

    Don't do it if you like playing here.

    ...if common respect and decency isn't enough to motivate you to have respect for others.

    Your other answers were more or less accurate Mrlegitislegit.

    The Empire Shop's prices are very high. This is to allow players to run viable shops. As a rough guide, consider about half the Empire Shop prices to be the average player shop prices, though it can vary widely from shop to shop.

    I'm unable to shed any light on your other questions, sorry.

    Thanks for asking Cool5! :)
  8. Hey mods: that applies even after the locking update? I can understand having that policy before, but with the locking mechanic, it seems like unlocked chests should be fair game. Perhaps that stance should be reconsidered?
  9. Why would stealing suddenly be allowed just because we can now actively prevent people from doing so? The principle of the rule remains unchanged: respect other people's stuff and don't take what's not yours.

    So yes, this rule still applies after the chest locking update.

    Why would you want to take things that belong to someone else anyway?
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  10. -If some person leaves a chest or mine ungaurded in the wildy can i loot it?

    We don't recommend doing so. If you get caught and screenshot taken and report to the staff. You get be permanently banned

    -Why are there craters, wierd rectangular dirt skyscrapers in the wildy, and odd bridges scattered sround?
    • craters
      Creepers. Becareful in the wild. One of those thing might blow up at you, creating crater.
    • wierd rectangular dirt skyscrapers
      People shelter. they build it for some reason. probably sheltering themself from monster at night.
    -How do you give someone money?

    type in the chat box
    /r pay [name] [amount]
    [name] name of the person u wanna give money
    [amount] amount of money u wanna give
    note: we use 'rupees' as a name of currency on the Empire.

    -is there an average price for item section on this site?

    No. You have to find out by yourself. visit other people shop. Or ask in the chat
    But dont use caps or rage in chat if no one answer. because it's consider yelling, and therefore is rude.
    excessive '!' too

    -How come when i vote for this server on minestatus i dont get rupies?

    Please contact administrator for this.
    I've heard of some bug that if you did not finish the tutorial first and vote. You will not get rupees.

    -If i copy and paste one of the server ads from this site into my signature on mcforums will i get credited if they click it and create an account?

    You have to login and copy from the referral section (Do not copy from someone else. As it is tag with their username)
    Then when someone click and signup. You will get 500r (They must register in the site)

    NOTE :: Don't ever buy stuff from /shop (The empire shop) if you are not really desperate and need urgently. It's is really overprice (Though I personally think grass, mycelium, and ice are acceptable)
    This is because the purpose of it is to motivate people to go find players-owned shop. To make economy flow.
  11. I'm questioning where the line of stealing/fair game lies.

    If I put $5 under a paperweight on a sidewalk, I'm not going to get any sympathy when It's not there waiting for me tomorrow.
    If it disappears from my car, that's quite different.

    I'd argue that an unlocked chest in the wilderness is like the $5 on the sidewalk. I've done nothing to protect it, so why is it protected?
    Likewise, locking it, which is pretty easy, is like putting $5 inside my car. I'd expect it to remain safe.
  12. Stealing isnt permitted, as the second commandment states quite clearly. Although we now have the ability to lock chests in the wild, it still doesnt take away the penalty for breaking the rule. 1000r can still be quite a bit of money to some players, they dont deserve to have their stuff stolen simply because they couldnt afford to lock a chest in the wild yet. Just because you have the ability to take something that doesnt belong to you, doesnt give you the right to take something that doesnt belong to you.
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  13. That's a fair question Annih.

    My take on that is it's safer to simply stay away from any chest that isn't yours. That's what I do. I mean, why would you want to take something someone else worked for anyway? That's not cool.

    However, there are circumsances where taking something that is needed for survival is reasonable, and permissible. Like lets say you're out in the wild and you're starving and you come across a cabin with a chest in it. You open the chest and there's food in it, so you take some and eat it. I'd say that's reasonable, so long as you don't take it all. You'll want to go punch a few trees and make a thank you sign if possible too so that the person dosen't feel robbed and knows they helped someone out who was in need. I think most people would be delighted to help you in such a circumstance.

    So if you're asking for permission to go looting, not a chance. But if you're wondering where it's reasonable to take something that belongs to someone else, well, the answer is simple: ask yourself what you wouldn't mind having taken from a chest that you didn't lock?

    Also, keep in mind that locking a chest costs 1000 rupees. Not everyone can afford to lock all thier chests. And even if they could, stealing from any player chest is still blatantly wrong.

    If you find a pile of iron lying on the ground with a paperweight on it (your $5) and no one comes to claim it or talks about it in the chat, go ahead and take it. But putting anything in a chest must be understood as implying that someone wants to keep it.

    Anyone who doesn't understand this really has a problem with interpersonal boundaries and, frankly, needs to grow up.
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  14. I'm not trying to say that stealing should be ok. It's definitely not.
    I'm debating whether an unlocked chest should count as virtual private property.

    This argument points towards the locking fee being too high, in which case it should be lowered. If lowering the cost raises the concern of having a plethora of locked items everywhere, then perhaps locks in the wilderness shouldn't operate on a rupee cost, but on how many a player can have, and the inactivity of the locked item, like residences. This could also lead into another supporter perk, more locks / longer derelict time.
  15. So perhaps it's not a strict rule then, but a judgement call.

    If a chest is left out in the open, I'd argue that it should be fair game.
    If it's in a cabin or obvious working area (such as a mine), it'd be best to leave a sign asking if it's still in use, and wait a few days.
  16. I think just because you don't lock a chest doesn't mean it's ok to take what's inside. If I leave my house unlocked, it's not ok to come inside and take my TV. The lock is like insurance. I lock chests with valuables, but leave chests with cobble and so on unlocked, I don't want people helping themselves, it's just not worth the 1k to avoid a griefer.

    In my country (Australia) if you find money on the ground, and you take it, it's stealing and you can be charged. You must take the money to the police station and if it remains unclaimed for a certain amount of time, you get to keep it.
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  17. Fixed that for you.
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  18. Stealing is not permitted. U re lucky this is EMC. Otherwise if this is pure survival
    Someone gonna pour a lava on your house for revenge.
  19. if a house gets griefed and it has a locked chest does the chest stay niomatter what
  20. oh and green mystery the ban hammer tastes like broken teeth and bone also with a slighrt taste of death