A bit of an annoyance I have been noticing.

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  1. Ever since I won that Clicky thingy, people have been doing the same exact thing. Putting a random picture and a link to their referral thing. I have stopped doing it when I became alarmed to it so I say a few things
    1. I had no idea there was some kind of referral contest, so please do not say "But you did it!"
    2. I would like to make that little advertising on the server itself either banned OR not count towards the clicking because 100% of my click WAS unfairly earned due to no new players clicking it.
    3. If you click my question mark, it will lead to a random thread and no longer my referral.
    I ask that people PLEASE STOP DOING THIS. It is a tad bit annoying an unfair to others who actually advertise. And I am sorry for doing the thing, again I was unaware of the contest.
  2. I don't mind much, but I am not a huge fan of scammers like this guy (purposely left the name on).
    After I noticed that it was a referral link, it changed my view on how he supposedly changed from his shady actions in the past.
  3. i really need to buy one of those alex sigs..

    I just find it a little odd how you can post your referral link on the website of which it leads too... I'm hoping there's a way to remove that, or possibly for moderators to remove that and replace it with a red Please do not post your referral links on the EMC website itself.
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  4. Lawl poor guy
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  5. Well, technically he was testing his cousin to see if he knew the rules.. ;)
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  6. That's what they all say... :p
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  7. I clicked that.. :mad:
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  8. Crazynic is my alt :p Your sig
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  9. Yeah I actually fell for that too. I was like "AWWYIS FREE DIMENZ!" *click*
  10. How does anyone fall for that, its not even.....beautiful its just blah all scams are blah looking.
  11. Oh my word! just fell for another! :mad:
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  12. I was gonna mention this at some point... I totally agree.

    However, let's make sure no hating goes on to certain players in this thread. :)
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  13. My brain isn't working right now. What's a referral link?
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  14. A link to the empire that credits you clicks and possible rupees (if they register before getting on) when people click on it.

    But I liek your sig! :eek:
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  15. The concept has not entered my mind as well :p
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  16. I was so stupid... I clicked on it too.... I guarantee you that this person is like some 6 year old thinking he's cool for tricking people like that... Also, I think it's stupid that you are able to post your referral link on the actual EMC site... It's so pointless...
  17. Whoa, let's not make assumptions like that. We have no idea what age he is for sure, and so let's just uh, try not to make enemies or anything.. Right? heh... heh.... uh.. Glad you agree with me on the referral thing on EMC website though!
    hoping that's what you're talking about.. :O
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  18. Sorry :) I have a habit of making enemies on EMC :) That is why if you check my profile, barely anyone has posted, and I am always by myself in game :/
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  19. ..... When did I get a green name?
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  20. It's highlighted green.
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