A 4chan Story

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  1. >Be me
    >22 year old at the time
    >Living in small town
    >Few rich people here, one of them being my neighbor
    >A doctor that lives with his wife
    >They own an inn called the Spanish Inn
    >Pretty nice place
    >fast forward to one year ago
    >Inn burns down in a fire
    >Doctor and wife file their insurance claim
    >Insurance inspector shows up working with police
    >Discovers the cause for the fire was arson
    >Doctor claims it must have been the faulty aluminum wiring
    >Insurance company isn't buying it
    >Take Doctor and Wife to court
    >They don't have much evidence against him however
    >Court days drag on, neither side is getting anywhere
    >Day 27 of court, Judge is tired of this crap
    >Gets ready to rule in favor of the Doctor
    >Suddenly, the Doctor's wife bursts into tears in the middle of the testimony
    >Tells the entire court room the Doctor is the one who set the inn on fire
    >Says it was because the building was already crumbling, and they didn't want to pay for demolition
    >The whole town is shocked
    >The entire town trusted him and believed him simply because he's a doctor
    >But then I realized ...
    >Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inn Physician

    (If you don't know Monty Python, you won't get this joke)
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  2. Or history, history gets the context too.
  4. I don't know Monty Python.