900th post 900r giveaway

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  1. Man, I go through these things fast.

    How to enter:
    Make a poem about zbalda97 and how awesome he is.

    Prizes: 900r to 3 people. I will use random.org
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  2. I love zbalda97
    Being him, is like being in heaven
    The builds he does are brilliant
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  3. hi.png
    I have permission! xD
    Picture is cropped because the coords of my ender ender are shown.
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  4. Here is my haiku:
    Awesome is the great
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  5. zbalda97 poem

    OMG! It da zbald guy,
    He digging rocks!
    And he even lifts!
    BOOM zbalda97

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  6. Bump, only 3 entries so far!
  7. zbalda97 is kind
    hey loves to share and laugh
    hey makes our days greater than ever
    what would we do without
  8. zbalda
    Ninety seven

    Now that is a work of art...
  9. zbalda97,
    Bald, likes Zs, and the numbers 9... And 7
  10. Bump, this will end on Jan. 9, so 3 more days.
  11. I rock,
    I post lots,
    I love EMC,
    Its the best :D

    Opss wrong poem >.<
  12. Um. Awkward, I forgot about this for a week.
    From random.org


    3rd post: pateratick
    4th post: Equablehook624
    5th post: JackBiggin

    I'll pay as soon as I can.