9008 Arena (DynWave Entertainment)

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  1. 9008 Arena Dynwave 2.png
    The 9008 Arena has been refurbished and is now open for business, here are some of the new features!
    • Automated Ticket System (You can also 'pre-order' tickets)
    • V.I.P Seating
    • New, refurbished arena seating.
    • Team rooms and entrances
    The arena is multi-purpose and can be adjusted to your needs! Some examples of events that can be held at 9008 are Spleef (built in arena), Horse racing, drop parties and much more!

    The 9008 Arena is part of the DynWave Entertainment branch and can be hired out for a fee! DynWave Entertainment is a branch of DynWave that focuses on Entertaining you, the EMC players! Please PM Jake_bagby and SoulPunisher for more information on hiring out the 9008 Arena! Prices are negotiable. We also hold our own events, which can be seen below! If you're interested in the events we hold, please watch the thread to be informed of upcoming events!

    Upcoming Events!

    (Special Thanks to Rainbowchin for the images)
  2. Sounds good, I may have to use it sometime...
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  5. Alright ill check it out when i got time
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    Prices are going to be negotiable.
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  8. Announcement
    There will be a free Firework event at the 9008 Arena on Tuesday 5th November 2013 to celebrate Bonfire Night (AKA Guy Fawkes Night). More Information will follow. :)
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  9. Event Announcement!
    Bonfire Night Firework Show!
    5th November 2013
    10:00-10:30 PM GMT
    Cost- FREE
    Fireworks will be displayed for the whole hour! Drop by when you have time!
    (Image coming soon!)
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  10. Time change for the Firework Display event is due to a real life event so it will now be 10:00PM-10:30PM GMT
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