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    Hey Guys!

    I'm here to introduce DynWave. DynWave is my third major EMC venture. And I'm going to run it differently, to prevent what has happened to the rest of them.

    DynWave is a group of companies, we have a number of subsidiaries that operate to supply you with different products. We will eventually be doing everything from redstone systems, to shops, to running arenas. As we launch new ventures, you'll be able to see then in the list below.

    Job Applications are not currently open.

    Current Ventures:

    DynWave Entertainment hosts events in one of the many arenas that we manage, we also rent out our arenas.

    Future Ventures:

    DynWave Systems will reopen soon offering redstone engineering.
    Feel free to suggest one, just pm me!

    Administration Staff:
    CEO - mba2012
    COO - Jake_bagby

    SVP Entertainment - SoulPunisher
    SVP Supplies - Jimbonothing64

    Not long after I joined EMC, I founded a company, Miner Co. This company had a series of branches that did almost everything. Sadly, this did not take off, and I didn't dedicate enough time to it. I officially declared it dead about a year ago. Then earlier this year, I founded Quartz Industrie, there was a fair bit of interest, but I hardly got any orders. But the same thing happened to Quartz Industrie as happened to Miner Co. and so it sort of died too.

    So, I've changed the way I run DynWave, I already have a team of people backing it, and I'm going to have a proper business plan, I'm going to do things properly.
  2. glad to hear you're trying again!
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  3. I want to help with the business. I am great with economics in rl.
  4. You might be able to help. We'll just have to see.
  5. I'm bumping this because I feel like it! :)
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  6. This nameā€¦sounds familiar. :p
    Here's hoping this company succeeds! :D
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  7. DynWave Systems has been launched! :D
  8. This will be interesting *grabs popcorn*
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  9. If you would like to help, job applications are now open! Please see this thread.

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  10. Bumping this, just cause.
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  11. Bump! We will be launching a new branch offering bulk supplies in about one month.
  12. I would be intrested in helping with the bulk supplies branch. I will apply now.
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  13. DynWave might turn into miners co or quartz industry if there isn't enough orders.
  14. Well currently we're simply offering the Arena hire. I want to work on some kind of advertising campaign soon. But my theme park on Utopia will be under DynWave ownership, so that should be a steady rupee stream.