900000 dirt blocks

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  1. I am clearing my utopia res, what do i do with all that dirt? Approximately 900000 blocks.
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  2. Create a magnificent dirt castle with a working dirt fountain, dirt furniture, dirt windows, and dirt food.
  3. Or just throw it in lava .-.
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  4. or have a senior staff clear the res with world edit and not have to worry about the dirt :3
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  5. i just ask them?
  6. You have to pay, 120,oo0, I think.
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  7. Yea, but it cost 120k I think... I may be wrong on that price... it's expensive.
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  9. That reminds me of this for some reason
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  10. Your price is correct *highfive

    Start a convo with Icecreamcow, Maxarais, Shaunwhite, and BigDavie. After sending the message just wait patiently for a replied.
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  11. Or... you could donate it to me, no questions asked.
  12. Wow, Build a dirt town in the wild