900 days or something

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  1. Hit 900 days, I forgot but then I realized my rupee count went up, thanks kuradochuu. I might celebrate. How about a giveaway? Those are nice and they make me seem like I care for the lot of you. Giveaway it is. It'll be an old promo of sorts, pick a number, 1-50, ask any question, blah blah blah. The usual. Thanks to battmeghs, Spiffiey, JackBiggin, kuradochuu, Faithcaster, IcecreamCow, nick5013, QuarterStop, and others who I'll add later when I remember. Alright, go crazy kids.
  2. 13, please. What did you see when your eyes were opened?
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  3. 49 please :)
    What are you doing in your profile picture?
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  4. 12 please, does BlackKnight1021 pronounce it Data or Data?
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  5. 16 please. How does it feel, 900 days later? Was it worth it?
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  6. Green tile, extremely bright lights, and a dickwad doctor who refused to let me go back into the nice peaceful place I called home for nine months.

    Not entirely sure, I was relatively young.
    Sometime it is, sometimes it isn't. Some of the recent string of events haven't made it worth it.

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  7. Grats on over 9000!
    What is your favorite type of melon?
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  8. Grats on 900 days
    Do you like staff held events?
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  9. 27. What is/was your best memory on EMC?
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  10. Depends on the staff who holds it
    Not sure, making my mall was pretty fun, and making the Rainbow Melon Casino with WCG_Elite was was amazing.
    I don't know, I can't build. If I could, I would definitely build a Casino/Arcade.
    I have, no video. I play on a War server so :p
    Hrm, not entirely sure, I'll check and then tell you!
    Blue, Cake.
    The dark gemstone kind.
    I'd rather not say :)
    Sex and regret.
    Thanks! Your picture just made me sad, considering she's dead.

    'Tis indeed.
    Not sure what a QUEST is and now I feel bad.
    No problemo.
    Not very good, the usual :p
    Hm, black metal, grunge, death metal, Gwen Stefani, Jazz, Classical, mostly everything except Dubstep and most Rap.
    Probably 1, I don't play too often.
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  11. Number 1 please. What if anything, would you build given the resources and space?
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  12. This one.

    What joke would you tell to anyone in the world.
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  13. 23, please. Have you ever done a trickshot in minecraft, and if so, show me a video?
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  14. 41 please, and congrats on 90 days.. How long have you been a teletubby?
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  15. 22 please!
    Red or Blue?
    Ice Cream or Cake?
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  16. my name is up there! :D <3
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  17. :OOO my name too!!!!! :D Grats buddy!
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  18. Congrats!!! :D I'd like 18 please. What's your favorite shade of blue?
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  19. I'll take 32. Congratulations on 900 days!
    What would you do for a Klondike bar?
  20. Must you take away from me everything that brings me joy?

    21 please.

    What does water taste like?