9/11 Memorial Replica Donations

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  1. Hey guys after a small forum discussion I have decided to reset my res and am building a 9/11 memorial. (The one in NYC) I will need a lot of Rupees, stone and Signs. I will set up a Few chests at RES# 10005 if you donate I will credit you for it so PLEASE send me a private message or a forum post. ALL donations BIG and small are appreciated!!!! THANKS A BUNCH

    Current Donations Accepted:
    Lapis Blocks
    Stone Slabs
    Signs (ALOT)
    Black Wool
    Current Donations: liasen - 1,000r Brennian - 500r
    Thecontroller - a stack of glowstone Mugatu1994 - 5,000r
    FaustLauncher - 2,500r Michael_Nolan - 3,000r, 32 Lapis Blocks and 14 stacks of black wool
    RePLaYGuV - 10,000r imBobertRobert - 15,000r
    Rtardo - 14 stacks of stone TannerT - 1,000r
  2. This will be great :)
  3. Little by little it is getting done!
  4. great idea ill donate
  5. is donating rupees also good?
  6. I'll help with the exterior design! :D I've been there before so I know how it should look like. I'll also try to get the names of the people who sacrificed and lost their lives in that tragic attack. In honor and respect, we shall pay tribute to this every day and not just September 11. God bless you for this idea!
  7. Donation Chests Updated
  8. Big thanks to RePLaYxGuV for a 10k Donation
  9. wouldnt some *** holes take stuff from the chest also do i just put my donations in the chest?
  10. No i set up "sell" chests
  11. ahhh ok that makes sense
  12. Yeah especially with Glowstone and Lapis on the list an "access everyone" chest would be absolutely pointless
  13. Each tower was 101 floors i believe, and with the new height limit, this size is conceivable ;)
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  14. Yeah i know i have realized though that's gonna bea big project though i am already planning it for my second res
  15. Thanks for the stone Rtardo
  16. No problem, I'am happy to contribute to this great endeavor.
  17. Can't wait to see this :)
  18. I would want to see this, But id cry :(