9/11 Memorial a.k.a Wool Farm

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  1. Those of you in the know... know I have been doing free wool forever... I still am.
    I have my favorite setup yet at 911 on SMP1 - please come and visit.

    The 9/11 memorial is located here as well - i'm reworking that slowly. I intend to use the building this time - aka stuff inside the rooms. If you have ideas - or would like to 'build' something in one of the rooms as a memoiral - let me know.

    9/11 means quite a bit to me -- so this res wont be transferred etc... I did at one point make a promise not to 'remove' the res aka reset it... i did that recently - but I'd like to add I never got the building finished - walls etc... i have a decent feeling that this one will stay. If I can get 104 setup at needed (dug out) I belive I'll have enough play room.

    Also, I am buying and selling wool at 911 but its mainly a community type thing... the shop is setup with B 64 : S 60 - which means very little is made from the wool - feel free to help shear and load up the boxes for others to use for projects.

  2. Good but you need MORE SHEEP!!!!!
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  3. You are amazing for what you do, keep up the good work. <3
  4. Please don't hate on me for saying this, but I know for a fact that the 911 memorial is going to cause some drama..
  5. Good - let it cause drama...

    I am going to assume from the comment that you were very young when it happened... I however was an adult - and happened to be in the Military (USAF) DURING the attack. My service and many others continues to allow for the 'drama'...

    FTR - yes this was a small 'slap' for your comment - but I consider the matter done.
  6. Wait I thought the owner of 911 was TruthInOre
  7. <------ TruthInOre IS me...
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  8. I tried to comprehend that
  9. Don't listen to Mystul. Him and Truth have been fighting for a long time. Mystul secretly wants to kill Truth and Truth wants to do the same. Who do you think griefs their res's all the time? Mystul griefs Truths and in turn Truth griefs Mystul. What I don't understand is why they give perms to each other when they know they will do it all the time. Its kinda like MAD's Spy Vs. Spy.

    Oh btw Mystul, Truth said to tell you that 104 looks awful and that his res is "da bomb!" and that "you shouldn't hate the player, hate the game" if I remember correctly. XD lol
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  10. I love this project but today I found someone egged it!
    It makes me sick how disrespectful some people are. I am sick of the people that just don't give a dam about anyone else. :(