9/11 Book Drop Party

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  1. As a load of you know it is 9/11 today and today we remember the people who died on that day and I will be planning at spawn dropping 9/11 books only 25 Books will be dropped so make sure you get one.

    SMP: SMP9
    Where: Spawn
    What: Drop Party
    Who: KJHaddrell01
    Why: Remember the people who died on 9/11
    When: 20:00 UK Time, USA: 15:00.

    Hope you can make it
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  2. half an hour is it then?
  3. Yes
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  4. Describe the 9/11 books please.
  5. Could you wait a couple hours? Most of us are in school. That's where I am right now
  6. Here

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  7. Well thats too bad and when i did a Drop party on this time the server was full
  8. ooh! Im sure ill be abled to make that!
  9. ..you got my pvt msg to you on that picture
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  10. 10 mintues to go Make sure your there
  11. Drop party....

    Due to what many people did that day, I don't know if that's quite appropriate, but carry on
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  12. Starting in 1 minute
  13. I missed it D:
  14. I missed it D:
  15. such a similar message to my latest one Chas...
  16. Same D:
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  17. lol, a lot of us did
  18. *Ctrl+c+Ctrl+v* :p
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