8gb vs 16gb

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  1. So I have the Lenovo Y50 gaming laptop and and atm I have what it comes with, 2 ddr3 4gbs 1600mhz.
    I want an upgrade and I found these http://www.amazon.com/Kingston-Hype...p/B00KQCOV5C/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8
    They are what I need for my pc and they are ram made for gaming which is what I do, I saw a ram upgrade video using those for my lenovo y50.

    What I want to know is if I will see a difference in gaming, I know ill be able to have more tabs open and that kind of thing, but will it make an impact on gaming in gerneral?
  2. Well, If you want that, it would not do much more, In order to have more windows you would need to up your CPU, Ram works for stuff such as Map Rendering, Loading, and all..... Not for more tabs,
  3. 8GB is probably going to suffice to do what you want. Unless you're rendering large videos or you're running games at ludicrously high graphics settings, 16GB is probably overdoing it.

    Unless you're noticing issues with 8GB of RAM, 16GB isn't going to change anything.
  4. As Finch said, more RAM really won't do much. 8 GB is about all you need for most games, and any more just doesn't change much. In games outside of Minecraft, with real graphics, you're going to want more video RAM, in the form of a graphics card to make the game run faster (But it's not exactly possible to put a graphics card in most laptops). Lesser games, like roguelikes, need CPU power more than RAM (I think). And besides, looking at your computer, performance in 2-D games, or Minecraft, won't be much of a problem.
    Really, the upgrade is entirely up to you. Most games don't require more than 8GB of RAM, but there are other things you might find interesting later that would benefit from more RAM, such as video rendering, or 3-D modeling. In those cases, more RAM will help, as well as more video RAM and a better CPU.
    TL;DR: More RAM won't help gaming much, if at all, but it does help with other things.
  5. My pc runs fine and handles anything ive thrown at it so far, besides rust >:<

    Will it make the load screens in fallout 4 faster then?
    Because right now it takes around 2 minutes everytime I enter something
  6. Well, Rust seems like a game that would benefit from 16GB RAM. I don't, however, know if more will make fallout 4 load new scenes faster. Someone else can answer that.
  7. I do a lot of 3D modeling actually, and I rarely ever play minecraft, usually games like fallout, CS:GO, battlefield, War Thunder.
  8. I don't think you would need much more than 8gb ram unless you wan't to run 5 alts at the same time on high graphics settings. For what you want 16 gb would be more than you need.
  9. With the exception of Fallout, none of the games you listed even need up to 8GB, but again, the RAM would help in 3D modeling.
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  10. loading screens wont be much faster again, more or less CPU and Ram does a part as the loading screens is loading all the data, and they both play a part. But wont be noticeable faster...
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  11. Again, 12Gb will not do anything FPS is your Graphics and CPU, There is a list on the thread for what Ram does... could you take a screen of your F3 and post it here? i would like to see your specs, you may be running off your Intel Graphics...
  12. Alright, I wanted to get the new StarWars battlefront also, and it seems to want a ton of ram which I dont know how most people have that in their pcs
  13. Sure ill go take a screenshot
  14. Ram will most likely not help loading time. Loading happens usually because the game is currently loading things from the hard drive. For loading times, the bottleneck is probably the speed at which it can read from the harddrive. If you want to decrease loading times, try getting an ssd and you will likely see a noticeable improvements. Upgrading ram is not a fix all problem. Unlike the speed of you cpu or gpu, the game is going to use a fixed amount of ram whether there is only 1 free Gb or 1000 free Gb. Unless you are running out of ram consistently, then it probably won't help much. Seeing as you currently have 8Gb of ram I would say you perfectly fine and won't see much difference. If a game requires more than 8Gb of ram it is probably poorly optimized or will require a lot more power from the gpu and cpu to do stuff with that much data.
  15. Make sure you are running 64Bit Java,and up your ram using my thread to 2 GB......

    Also, try and go to different area's around and see what your speed of your fps is... coz i can see you have a lot of active objects around you.....

    Also i can see your running a RP, try running without it and see how fast FPS is,

    I can also see although it is a 8 core, it is a 2.50 ghz, so it is not that fast, i have very similar in mine..... and that could be the cause of it...
  16. I would recommend 16. Contrary to what finch said, you are right and RAM will have a play in how many tabs you can have open.

    Having many tabs open will eat up lots of ram. my chrome is using 3.3GB atm...

    While 8Gb may "be enough", OS, browsers and many apps in general are becoming more memory hungry. You will run out, and the system will start to swap and get slow if you have chrome open with lots of tabs and trying to play games...

    Start adding in other java based apps like developers using IDE's, and even 16GB starts to get choked. I'm using 14GB right now.

    So, to get by comfortably while gaming on 8, you could end up needing to shutdown other apps.

    So if you want more overall stable system, strongly recommend 16.
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  17. I personally use 12GB and I find it to be a nice middle ground.

    However, your issue seems to be with loading times. For loading times with games, the only solution that can drastically improve those times would be adding an SSD to your system and putting your game files on it. Seeing though as you've got a laptop, slim chance there's room for an M.2 or mSATA SSD in there.

    RAM on its own won't help that much, though it is nice to have, 8GB is fine for now.