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  1. I need some stuff to stock my shop and i need people to supply it as i am often busy with stuff. Here is what i need!:
    • Sandstone- 55r per stack (in high demand!)
    • Sand- 25r per stack (in high demand!)
    • Diamond- 37r for each one
    • Gold ingots-6/7r each (depends how many you sell)
    • Cobblestone- 15r per stack
    • Stone-45r Per stack
    (Prices may change)
    If you would like to stock my shop either as a one-off or a full time stocker please fill out the form. You will then be given access to my selling room in my shop 8189 (smp4) where you can sell directly to chests or be given a access chest were i will pay you later!
    Application Form
    What will you stock:
    How much will you stock:
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