800 Days and 15015 Mall Opening

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  1. Well, It's almost been 800 days since I joined this server. As of this post I am 797 days old. Since for my 2 years celebration I gave away 200k, I'm going to selfishly hold onto my rupees this time ( ;) ). Instead of a giveaway Bringmeacloud and I, along with a few little helpers, are working extremely hard to get this mall up and running in 3 days.

    This mall will be located on Smp7, 15015



  2. Finally! A true smp7 mall!!!
  3. Bout time the Iron "lungs" ;) opened up

  4. Yay! Looks awesome! :D
  5. This looks awesome...cant wait for it to open so i can stop wasting rupees using my empire vault transferring things from different servers.!!!
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  6. :eek: Cool!
  7. Wonderful! Will you be listing your mall on the EMC market buy/sell portal when it opens? We have over 2,500 searches now and growing so you can get extra customers/suppliers. It could also help you with pricing if you want to know what others are buying/selling products for.

    If you want to make it the easiest, get a member of your team to buy/sell from each chest then use the auto-reader. You can also try the bulk adder which I recently updated. If you buy/sell any items which I don't have listed, mention them in the Suggestion/Bug Reports thread. I will be honored to help celebrate your opening.
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  8. Does my Koala want items?
  9. Sorry for the delayed opening. But as of now we're officially open for business!

    I apologize, for many things may not be in stock. I was rushing to open the mall but we will try our best to keep things in stock. This mall is indeed a buy / sell mall so sell me everything you own! Enjoy your stay at the "Iron Lungs" mall :)

    Smp7 15015
  10. Did the mall open today??
  11. It opened 10 minutes ago :)
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  12. O sweet I will have to see it tomorrow unfortunately :(
  13. Love the mall Death ;)
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  14. Bump!
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  15. Awesome looking mall, and happy 800th! I'll be sure to check it out. :) I guess I can see why you'd call it the "iron lungs," Mirr0r, though I sure hope that the mall doesn't smoke. That might cause the apples to rot. :(
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  16. Your mall is awesome and very well laid out! I didn't have much trouble finding anything. The construction looks beautiful and I like the shelves and how easy they are to browse through.

    However, I think you may have trouble finding suppliers for most things. For example, most of the leading malls pay 75r for diamonds now and you offer less than 70r. Another example is sandstone where you offer less than 1r each, and there are malls offering 2.25r. I'm not sure what you're going for but if you want a long-term mall that has a reputation for convenience than you definitely want to be looking at what other malls pay for products you hope to have stocked and be in the ballpark at least. Because to be quite honest, people shop to buy products and if you are out of stock, they have no choice but to go elsewhere.

    At the end of the day it's your mall and your pricing strategy, but I've seen a lot of malls have their week of fame and then go into obscurity because their stock is all gone. I would hate for all your great work to go to waste and I really like the mall you've built and want to see it achieve relevance.
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