80 DC's of Glass all Color's

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  1. Hi I have been a little busy building the new shop at /smp6 /v 13131 and stocking a few items :D

    I have managed to collect cook over 80 DC's of sand to supply the shop with every color of glass my life is getting busy outside of MC and in the coming year I will not have much time for playing so I have took advantage of the time I have now to get this set up.

    There is still plenty of work to do on the shop but I have made a good start. The new shop has an automatic sugarcane farm so there should be plenty of stock although at times you may have to afk there.

    Be sure to check it out

  2. ummm wow, thats all I got to say.

    hehe well guess not all I got to say, if so insane person was to buy it all how much would it be?
  3. 691,200
  4. you have glass in stock now? during my build i could not find much, but i will be coming to buy a few DC's of normal glass to finish one of my other builds :)
  5. I have only just completed the restock :D
  6. This is absurd!
    Other than for the sack of bragging rights, why would you want to spend so long gathering that much glass?!:eek:

    "Hi! Foraster Mays here to share with you, the most important info I've ever endorsed" here!
    From my calculations, you're supply "has the strength", to send 3.456 "fully loaded, 80,000 tractor trailers" of glass!!! You can make 3 chunks clogged with all of your beautiful glass!! Now that's the power, of 80 times as much glass as the original, double-chest!!"
    If you're gonna to recreate this, restocking your original supply could start as low as 1.2% of "47,000,000" rupees.
  7. Why?
  8. Were you able to understand what else I said?
    Me saying gathering all of the glass you have gathered is absurd is an opinionated compliment.
    Please don't take it too seriously.
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  9. I understand, :D
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  10. Did you get the joke/reference I made for statistics?!
  11. Yep, and I have started to restock this for when it's all gone :p

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  12. Also, there's a beacon inside its respective buying/selling chest, but there's no shop sign on it. If this wasn't intended, could you please fix it?
  13. Beacon sign sorted and more stock added
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