8 months later ...

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  1. and I'm still having a great time! I've learned a lot of computer based thing just trying to keep Minecraft running at times (Mainly thanks to the EMC community).

    This is only the second server I've ever been on. There is a reason I quit looking.

    I've met people that I could see myself being friends with in real life. I've met others that I would like to buy a beer and hear what else they have to say.

    I continue to support EMC, because EMC continues to improve.

    I feel EMC is professionally ran, maintained, and operated.

    Thanks to all of you for making this such an enjoyable place to be.

    Just a Vividly Optimistic point of view.:D Now back to building.
  2. *Long Distance Fist Pump or Hand Shake

    I fell the same way about EMC. I'm only few days away from 8 months I joined on the 26th of January :D
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  3. w00t! I third this! Dwight beat me to second. Don't plan on leaving.
  4. Hopefully no beers to minors right? ;)
    Congrats on the 8 months here! I hope your 9/11 memorial will be amazing!
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  5. I've had such a great time playing with YOU, vivid! You are an absolute joy to hang out with, and I love what you've done to fix up the local grinders, and your 9/11 project. Players like you are what keeps EMC strong and FUN!

    If you're ever in California, let me know, and me and my husband can buy you and your wife a beer while the kids play in the sunshine :D
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  6. Solution: ginger beer. Or root beer.
  7. My 222nd day here on EMC was just a few days ago. I plan to stay here a long time. It's great to see positive folks like you despite all of the leaving/ban threads.
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  8. That's why I made it :). I know the happy and positive folks are out there. We seem to get railroaded sometimes by ignorance. I really do like it here and I love the people.
  9. Ps I'm not responsible if you break your screen XD
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  10. Off Topic: When I sick in January 2011 (it may have been something to do with depression) i'd been having pains in my stomach for 6 months, my food wasn't getting churned properly and I began to throw up in January. I needed to take fluids, medicine, painkillers and a bunch of other drugs.

    I ended up addicted on root beer and ginger beer and the illness went away a few days afterwards :p
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  11. It's sure nice to meet people like you! THIS thread right here is WHY we do what we do!
    You are all amazing! :)
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  12. That's the spirit! I'm not going anywhere either :D
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  13. Yay me too
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