8 Bit Remixes: Rakohus

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  1. Welcome to the modern world: Pop and EDM are dominant in the music world, and are beginning to show up in video games.

    This development is detaching us from the rich musical past of our culture, and the chip-tunes of Nintendo and Sega are fading into our distant memories. You will remember when something on Twitter reminds you of it, but the past is the past.

    To bring the two together is the 8/16-Bit remix! Our popular music of the modern (or older, but that would contradict my speech ;) ) world, and putting it into a flawless composition of nostalgia and amazingness!

    The provider of our music is the wizard/king/god/robot called rakohus. Leaving that speech that should leave absolutely everybody in tears, my favorites are Hotel California, Runaway Baby, Talk Dirty, and more! (Yes he makes all the terrible songs in the list talk dirty... into the best thing you will ever hear.) And to make it even better, to make the mix, he uses the computer chip that was used to make the origional Nintendo and Sega game songs!

    Share your favorite songs by him, and don't forget to spam him with requests! ;)

  2. Hm, I honestly think pop songs are not meant for 8 bit. I think the originals sound better, even.
  3. Because I still like him... bump (why not)