75th Anniversary of Canadas involvement in WW2

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  1. Well as the title states tommorow, September the 10th 2014 will mark 75 years since Canada proclaimed war. (Posting this because I may not have time tommorow to write this).
    World War 2 had been started on September 1st 1939, when Nazi-Germany had invaded Poland (Soviets had later attacked from the east). On September 3rd, France, Unkited Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa had declared war against Germany.

    Time Line of Canadas involvement during World War 2 -


    September 10: Canada declares war on Germany.
    September: 58,000 Canadians enlist in the Canadian Armed Forces.
    December: First Canadains set sail for Europe.


    Canada sends two fighter squadrons to Britain.


    September 27: 303 Squadron RAF and 1 Squadron RCAF attacked the first wave of enemy bombers of the Luftwaffe's last major daylight
    December 7: Japan declares war on Canada. Canada declares war on Finland, Hungary, Japan and Romania.
    August 19: 5,000 Canadian, 1,000 British and 50 Americans participate in raid on Dieppe, France.


    January: No. 6 (R.C.A.F.) Group of Bomber Command organized. it Included nearly 300 four-engined Halifax or
    Lancaster heavy bombers.
    September 3: Allied invasion of Italy


    June 6 (D-day): 14,000 Canadians land on Normandy beaches apart of 'Operation Neptune.' 1,000 Canadian casualties

    June 8-12: Canadians repel fierce German counter-attacks and hold the Normandy beach head.


    January: 13,000 conscript soldiers proceeded to Britain, but only a few thousand entered combat in Europe before the war ended.
    May 8: The Germans formally surrender in Europe, known as Victory-in-Europe "V-E" day.

    This website really helped me alot - http://www.canadaatwar.ca/content-89/world-war-ii/timeline/

    Hope you guys found atleast some of this interesting. :)

    I am not asking anyone to like this stuff. Just do not forget the people who have fought for what we have today.
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  2. "faught"
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