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  1. Hey everyone, I had opened my shop 729 a few months ago and have gained lots of money from it. But now I want to make more :) So I am now expanding a third floor and doubling everything in my shop ! So the third floor of 729 is under renovation, it might look like I got griefed but thats just me and my handy work :) 729 IS NOT closed you can still shop there but I just wanted to warn everyone. So thanks so everyone who supply my shop and buy from there :) Thanks
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  2. lol I agree
  3. Welcome back boo<3
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  5. Great to see shops expanding to meet the needs of the community =D And your rupee balance of course =P I'll stop by sometime soon to check the place out...
  6. Awesome, I stop by some time. Also how's that tree farm you were building just wondering
  7. I should come see this store sometime.
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  8. And it worked too!=P
  9. lol Nothing like having more money :) and thanks !

    Its going very very slow to build but I am still working on it and very determined to get it done :D

    I agree :)